Saturday, 10 December 2011

Now suitably attired!

I dared to go into the loft to fetch the decs,   sent a shelf flying...  oh well that got rid of a few unwanted bits and pieces!    So box down,  put tree in place and wonder if I can face the task of untangling the fairy lights... ?  After half an hour I was ready to chuck them out of the window!   Had a brief respite as I gave mum a lift to post office,  headed back for round two then thought: stuff it,  and so headed to supermarket to get new set.   The old set had 100 lights,  about 40 too many for a small tree,  compromised and got a set of 80...  well didn't have a choice, 200, 100 or 80, after that it was 20s.    Really wanted white but they'd all gone, so it was the coloured lights. 

Soon had the tree done,  a single string of  lights, bliss, I hate those double strings I never manage to get them untangled.   Didn't take long to do rest of flat,   about an hour,  and so the flat is now suitably attired for the festive season.    Then blow me I forgot about the nativity scene,  I'd actually bought one the other day,  so fished it out of the box,  yep all is now done... well it would be if we could find 3 missing decorations.  Took pic of tree in all its splendour, rather like the new lights.

Then I managed to make a few Christmas cards, yes I know it is rather late,  but just not been in the mood,  just the family and a few friends will be getting hand made cards.    Found some pyramage stuff,  and a few other bits from last year,  seem to be out of silver mirri card, and would really like the CnC pick of the week to arrive soon as I need to make some birthday cards, thought a grotto card would be appreciated. 

Now need to head to amazon... and order some pressies.

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