Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I've worked out that it is Wednesday...

Well maybe,  or possibly... who knows?     Once upon a time my life had structure,  I used to work...  so I'd know the day, the date in fact I'd know the date in four weeks time, that is what you get when you work in a library - always looking into the future.  But this year my old library is shut, just for the festive period, something we'd been wanting for a long time,  otherwise we were simply twiddling our thumbs and wasting electricity. 

At least I have remembered that I need to tax the car before the end of the year!    It shall be done tomorrow,  just 6 months tax,  only cos I don't have to face this next Christmas!   I will have a busy morning tomorrow,  tax car,  get shopping...  feed car with petrol,  though can't complain as she has a small appetite.  

More crafting,  how long can this last?    Candles, of course,  got to get the stocks up for the new stall.   Today I used the pearl ink with the colours,  I liked the effect, do you, see pic?   Decorated four candles,  will do another batch tomorrow.   Then I moved on to my brayering,  just experimenting with a sunset.  Sort of getting there..  I was also mucking with shadows on this one,  right idea, just got wrong angle!   And post box is a bit too red!   Need to tone that down.    I'm doing wheelies across the sun,  rather than on a piece of scrap.   I also covered the top part of the card with yellow ink, using the brayer,  just to give the sun some colour, then I used the mask before adding the other layers of colour.   What i am after is an incongruous image,  one that doesn't quite add up, hence me using the chap with the umbrella on a sunny day.   I just like how it all jars,  the lamps,  post box, sunset, umbrella and the birds.  The sentiment is part of a set of stamps by Lindsay Mason. A few more attempts at this I think! 

This is the sort of crafting I enjoy,  just to be creative,  letting the ideas flow,  and not being restricted to making a card.   I still do that and I enjoy making cards, but this stuff takes me beyond that.    Need to save up to take part in the Barbara Grey classes next year, that is a promise to myself.  I just love her work, she is a true artist, but such a lovely lady. 

Right, today is Wednesday, so I shall be shopping tomorrow on Thursday... and part is on Friday!  

All for now folks.

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