Saturday, 17 December 2011


Had a shock yesterday just as I left the hairdressers it started to snow.  Didn't think it would add up to much,  two hours later it was snowing hard and was sticking.   Shades of last year but nowhere near as bad.  It didn't last long and melted away thank goodness. 

I was busy yesterday, the hair appointment,  then supermarket shop, other bits to do, then an afternoon of crafting and wrapping.  Needed to get everything done and dusted so it could be posted today.  Was stymied by not having addresses for two of my tags, I could have sworn that I saved the new address list for the group,  obviously not.  But got six away, and a parcel.  Then blow me I find a card that was meant to be in with the parcel lying on my table...  :-(     Now I have checked and double checked everything, nothing else to make or post....  I can now amuse myself.  

Made this card yesterday, I was going to make one of Debbi Moore's grotto cards but gave up trying,  no proper instructions anywhere.  I like the CD's got  no complaints with it, but not happy with lack of instruction for the grotto cards.  So just made an ordinary card,  blinged it up with some glitter and stuff,  also used alcohol inks to make the background.   Printed out one of the inserts as well, that was really nice,  it finished off the card.   So happy with the result,  it was just I wanted the grotto card!  

My festive mood keeps coming and going.    Was not happy yesterday at not being able to find a small turkey crown,  can these supermarkets remember that not everyone is feeding the five thousand!  I did get one in the frozen section with some fancy stuffing,  which I wasn't bothered about.    Of course the place was packed, shoppers with blank looks on their faces,  on auto pilot it seemed, while others were just wandering around.  Plus staff changing displays...  !   Dumb or what?   I'd also forgotten my vouchers!   So looks like we're in for two weeks of free shopping. 

I've promised myself a long lie in tomorrow.   Thanks for stopping by.

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CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab card, Cazz. I've got these CDs too and will have a go at the Grotto cards. I found the template & read the instructions (there's a section on CD if you didn't see it) which sound easy enough on paper but in reality.... we will see! Tkae care. Zo x