Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Done - I hope!

That's it, last Christmas cards have been sent, but forgot all about a birthday card!   Yet I had spent time on Sunday making it and telling myself NOT to forget to post it.   Also got last Christmas present,  got mum a book to go with her DVD,  she's is the only one who is getting a physical present, well aside from a friend,  rest of the family are getting Amazon vouchers. 

I thought I'd be in the mood for crafting, but didn't do anything yesterday, even tho I got all my stash out.  Same today,  I managed to decorate a box,  but then couldn't find the peel offs that I was using only the other day - I swear these things decide to hide somewhere!   So lost interest in that,  too blooming dark to do much else, don't like crafting in artificial light.  Tomorrow is the shortest day or longest night,  take your pick,  and forecast is for rain, so it will be truly dark all day!   Great.  It was extremely soggy on Monday,  just rained all ruddy day,   was dancing down by the time I left the barn.   Treated myself to a lovely Angel,  a CD and some new cards.  My Xmas present to me!

Didn't get my 'me' time today either,  mum and her friends decided not to meet,  meant a double whammy for me,  no time to myself and also had to cook dinner.   I kind of meandered around the supermarket, I had a list but wasn't really looking at it,  got most of the stuff on it, but left some of the heavy stuff for the next shop. Got a really horrible pain in my 'good' knee,  it was so bad I felt sick,  plus the bad knee has been really bad lately,  so which leg to limp on?  I took it in turns.  I had pensioners overtaking me!   Very deflating.    As far as Christmas is concerned I need spuds and sprouts,  got everything else, oh and wine!     Got some crackers,  didn't go for the fancy ones as the gifts are the same as last year, no point in getting the same stuff. 

Well may get up to some crafting tomorrow...  see what sort of mood I am in, and how dark it is! 

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