Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Ground hog weather

I swear the same weather system has been put on a loop as it keeps coming back, more high winds today.  It lashed down last night,  was glad to be snuggled under the duvet. 

My crafty friends have admitted that they've been borrowing my mojo, no wonder I can't get much done in the way of crafting!   I did manage to find enough to finish off this box,  gave it a base coat of poster paint then applied alcohol inks,  plus a few peel offs.  Also had a bash at using the alcohol inks on a candle,  it has given it a lovely effect,  and yes I tried lighting the candle,  I'm still in one piece as is the candle.  I let it have a good hour plus for the alcohol to evaporate.   Gonna get more inks...  !    Well my niece has given my my hobbycraft vouchers early so.....  well may as well go get my present and play with it.    Sadly I've had to resort to shop bought cards this year, just had no inclination to make any Christmas cards.  Don't know what it was,  just never found the mood to start. 

I have permission to go get us a digi recorder,  just as well I think having looked at the Christmas listings,  I've found a few clashes.   Already know which one to get, spotted it in Best Buy, if it is still there as they are closing down,  not been open very long.  I feel sorry for the staff, it was a nice shop to go into as the staff were very helpful. 

Well all for now...  more bits and bobs of crafting to do over the next few days.  I'd also like some parcels to arrive, namely the one from CnC so I can get on and make some birthday cards! 

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