Friday, 23 December 2011

Good grief......

I expected the supermarket to be busy,  did not expect it to be jam packed with queues at ALL 30 checkouts!   It was nuts,  managed to grab one of the last boxes of mince pies.  Of course there were the usual dozy types,  like the woman at the kiosk who was getting her lotto draw tickets,  but hadn't filled any of them in properly!  Did she care that she was holding up 15 people, nope, she acted like it was a normal shopping day.   Next was the plonker that had waited in the queue to find out where Tesco kept tippex, I kid you not!   Two days till Christmas and this chap wanted tippex...  !  Of course the place was full of the bewildered, those who had just strayed into the shop unaware that it was Christmas!   Plus those who parked trolleys in middle of the aisle, those following behind trolleys. husbands, sons or daughters,  none of whom wanted to be there or who appeared to have ever graced a supermarket before.   Now I wanted a Christmas log, just fancied one, could I find one - no?!   Everything but a damn Yule Log.   Then I couldn't avoid it any longer, time to head for the check out...  in front of me were a lovely couple, who were NOT Christmas shopping,  he said to me that he'd picked the wrong checkout,  I said: no mate, you've picked the wrong day!  They only had a few bits.  A Tesco employee had then been sent to dispense sweets,  I told her that a glass of mulled wine would have been better, she agreed with me, but didn't rule it out later in the day!   I wasn't irritated by the checkout staff, they were doing their best,  it was the useless and disorganised customers,  as on my checkout, the woman at head of the queue had umpteen vouchers, but hadn't bothered to sort them so was just handing them over in the hope that she could use them...   we, plus assistant were all annoyed by her!  But everyone was shopping like the shops were going to be close for two weeks, it is just ONE day!    I heard one couple say that they hadn't got enough 'nibbles',  I looked at their trolley,  it was groaning under the weight of food and drink...  they had enough supplies to last them 3 months. 

When I got home mum wondered where I'd been, I reminded her that it was Christmas!   Luckily I had managed to get all the important stuff on the list,  the list I had written out and then left on the kitchen table!  Now I just need to get necessary medicines for me and mum tomorrow.   I'm having to second guess what mum needs,  as her memory is fast failing.  I had to remind her today, and yesterday,  of what presents she had bought and who she had sent cheques to.  I think if I hadn't been here then the grandchildren would have got double helpings.   She even made the effort to cook dinner tonight,   I had to help,  but tried to be as non intrusive as I could,  I knew she really wanted to cook dinner for me.  

Then you spend an hour talking to someone who thinks they know it all... sorry that is rather vague, but I feel better for saying it! 

Oh well, 2 more sleeps till Santa arrives.......  sweet dreams

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