Sunday, 18 December 2011

Yikes... a week to go!

Does life have a pause button, if so can someone press it?   Every time I think I have come to the end of making Christmas cards I remember someone else.   Mind you I seem to work well when desperate!   This was one effort today,  raided the Christmas stash box, found a few bits,  and cobbled this together,  sakura pen refused to work, so it was quickie glue pen and glitter. 

Also managed two candles,  think I've cracked the tissue paper method - at last.  Also had a bash at stencilling on to the candles, that worked quite well.   I am using the alcohol inks,  and I would use them on a very thin candles, I am sticking to pillar candles and not touching the top, just the sides.   Think it is working quite well. 

I've still got a box to decorate,  and line,  but not sure whether to use velvet or felt. The felt is easier to cut and fit, will see what the craft shop has, have to go there as I am out of 3D glue.

Need to get going on some scrapbooking as well,  really neglected it of late and got lots of photos piling up.   Got no appointments this week,  just the Christmas food shop, and get the flat tidy,  so may manage an afternoon.   Still not been into town, so not seen the Xmas lights, or continental market.   One of these days I'll get organised.  But it hasn't been an easy time,  mum is becoming ever more forgetful, which is worrying and at the same time draining trying to be patient,  which of course you have to be as I know it isn't her fault.   It is also the business of having to think for two people,  making sure she has what she needs before I go out.  My family are of no use whatsoever,  it is right under their nose but they choose not to see it. 

But I do have things to look forward to,  starting as a reiki practitioner next year,  and going  ahead with a business with a friend.  Not dared look ahead too much in the last few years,  every time I did something bad happened, or that is what it felt like.  This is the first year since 2007 that I've not had any surgery!  So maybe I've turned a corner, hope so. 

Thanks for stopping by,  sorry the blog isn't very festive, not managed to find any nice templates to use. But your company is much appreciated. 

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