Thursday, 22 December 2011

A very grey short day.  I guess the bonus was that it didn't rain, or rather it stopped raining early in the morning.  It is also a bit milder, keep thinking back to last year and all those minus temperatures we had!   Brrrrrr.    Looks like this year we'll just get the usual Christmas,  mild and soggy.   I'd prefer a crisp frost and sunshine.  And all too soon it will be January,  a new start, we'll all feel fresh for a few days,  hoping that the New Year will deliver much, maybe it will.    I always think that the best day of Christmas is actually Christmas Eve,  that is when everyone is still full of anticipation,  no dreams have been shattered,  those presents lying under the tree continue to tantalise us.  I remember one Christmas I'd asked for Sindy's car,  and what did I get,  her wardrobe!   Not quite the same...  And the magic of getting a bike for Christmas,  I had to wait till I was 12,  but it was the bestest present ever, think I spent the whole day riding round on it.   It was second hand but mum had spent ages doing it up so it shone like new, and it had gears and a dynamo to run the lights!  All mod cons - LOL.      That bike was well used,  it took me to school and back for 4 years, kept me amused during the school holidays. 

And now it is the 22nd December, the shortest day has come and gone.  Woke up this morning to sunshine,  such a lovely change.  Flat was like a greenhouse, went to investigate and found mum had pushed up the central heating to about 24!  No wonder I was melting....  but she couldn't remember doing it.   I only needed a T shirt and sweat pants to do the housework.   I've got some lovely jumpers but can't wear them cos the central heating is on so high. 

It didn't take long for the weather to return to its grey state,  by lunch time the skies were a shade of deep grey.   I'd picked up a few bits from the craft shop yesterday, some new alcohol inks and two stamps.  So decided to decorate a few boxes,  it was too dark to take photos in natural daylight,  and I'm not happy with the dragon fly,  will have to redo it,  hasn't worked out quite as I wanted, I love the box,  that was done using cranberry and gold alcohol inks. I'd wanted a purple ink but the shop didn't have any.    Also decorated another candle, then had a rummage and found some sentiment stickers which work perfectly on the candles.   I'll be making more tomorrow!   Love getting messy,  my craft table was covered in inks, glitter, glue and felt....  as was I. 

Yep a very satisfying day. 

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