Tuesday, 27 December 2011

What day is it?

I've completely lost track of the days,  they've all merged into one.  It was another day of crafty shopping, more vouchers to spend!  This time it was the local craft shop,  who were keen to off load the Christmas stuff...  which I avoided!  I wanted some alcohol inks, metallics,  a craft mat,  and some new stamps, got copper and pearl in the metallics,  a nice large stamp block,  lovely set of London stamps from Do Crafts,  some of which can be seen in the card what I made,  the set I got was called Portobello Road.  Oh and a kanban card kit, which frustrated me so much it nearly ended up in the bin!  Nice kit, no instructions!  It's okay when it is an easy kit, this wasn't and it really did need a sheet of instructions.  So turned my attention to the new inks and stamps,  made 3 more candles,  two using the purple, and one using the copper and orange,  all look spectacular!   Also sourced some clear labels, so I can start printing my own sentiments. 

For the stamps I got out the brayer,  done so many winter scenes felt it was time for a few summery scenes.  This one was a trial,  I wanted to get a lovely sunset effect,  think I am almost there with it,  used the edge of the brayer and did wheelies across the card using red and orange, not quite as I want it,  but almost. The telephone box and lamp came from the new stamp set, it also has Big Ben, a London bus,  clock face,  camper van and post box, plus some small stamps, very small... think they'll end up getting lost!  But I enjoyed the process,  just need to mess with the layout, and maybe use the post box rather than the telephone box.   I'll be having another bash tomorrow.  The sentiments are from Lindsay Mason,  got them from HobbyCraft. 

Nice that the mojo has returned,  who knows I may even turn my attention to scrapbooking at some point.

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