Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Well the big day is nearly here.  I personally think that it is Christmas Eve that holds the magic, that air of anticipation,  the wonderment of what will  happen,  will your wishes be granted, will Santa bring you what you've asked for...  until midnight you can keep dreaming.

I was disappointed today,  had to go to our retail park to get mum some new trousers,  I thought the place would be packed.  Well the car park was full,  but I have no idea where all the people where as they were not in M&S, that was quiet,  even more depressing was that the shops had all taken down their decorations, how very bah humbug of them!   When I worked in retail we would wait till the end of Christmas Eve before taking down the decs. 

I did do some crafting today,  more candles and boxes.  I made some candles as presents,  mum was very impressed by them.  So  I hope the recipients are.  I made some gold ones, which I think will be nice for next Christmas, with some suitable sentiments on them. Still fighting with glitter,  to remove the excess,  none seems to want to come off whatever I've put it on, or the paper it has landed on,  even if I use an anti static bag.  Ended up dipping a paintbrush into talc, that seemed to work. 

Not happy at all with the dragon fly stamp I bought,  it seems to be falling apart, at first I thought it was me being heavy handed,  but I left it on one of the blocks, then when I came to use it the next day another bit of the tail had vanished.  Think I will have to take it back,  I am not a novice crafter and I do know how to handle stamps.   

I'm hoping that tomorrow I get money or craft vouchers,  please!    I came close to buying a refurbed cricut today, but wasn't sure what you got with it,  a lot of the software was on sale but couldn't make up my mind. I thought they were only selling the large cricuts as refurbs, otherwise I'd have paid more attention.  It was a good deal and on 4 flexi pay.    I know they'll have the cricut on offer next year,  so I'll keep watching,  hope that the finances improve enough to get one. 

Think that is all for now folks.   I wish you  VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, hope Santa brings you lots of lovely stuff,  enjoy the day and all that it brings.

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