Tuesday, 6 December 2011

, Wet, soggy and very cold...

Okay so this time last year we had snow, well we didn't actually, ours came a bit later.  It was cold, colder than it is now, but what do we have this year:  rain, sleet, hail, snow,  winds that have one hell of a chilly bite...   not nice.   Woke up this morning to the sound of hail hitting the window, so that was me back under the duvet. 

This week is catch up week, catching up with all the stuff I kept promising to do for weeks!  So hence the mad dash to get the wedding invites done, next up was a wooden jigsaw nameplate for a friend,  only half done, plus tags for Christmas swap with group!  The result - a very glittery room/carpet,  silver, red, green...  and inky fingers and hands.  Paper cutter put to good use cutting stuff for invites,  managed to work out a production line that made life easier,  even surprised myself by getting them all finished in two days.   I thanked Google for providing the necessary inserts and rsvps,  many thanks to those who spend hours putting such stuff together and then uploading it to the web for the rest of us to use.   So quite a day.  Was sure the gas man was also going to call to service the boiler,  then checked letter,  doh,  it is tomorrow!   Promised myself to finish off the tags and name thingy this week, all before Sunday,  cos niece will be visiting then, so no chance of any crafting.   No chance on Thursday either,  the day of the Christmas shop, then off to give reiki for a couple of hours.   So just tomorrow,  Friday and Saturday afternoon,  Saturday morning I have to go pick up carol concert tickets from cathedral...   decided Saturday would be best as it will be quieter at that end of town.   Sunday it will be into town to show mum the lights and continental fair, plus some lunch.   Fingers crossed the snow holds off till Christmas Eve,  that is my wish,  it can snow all it wants then.... 

And did you know that some King way back declared that the 12 days of Christmas be a holiday for the ordinary man?  Yep, it is probably still law for all we know.   I mean why can't we just close everything down for a few days?   Including the supermarkets,  lets face it how many will be buying enough food to feed the five thousand?   Do we really need the supermarkets to be open so soon after Christmas Day?  No we don't.  Remember when it all shut down?   Bliss, sheer bliss.  No don't get annoyed that the shops will shut their doors early on Christmas eve,  think about the staff inside,  they would also like to get home. 

Right all for now...   thanks for stopping by, muchly appreciated.

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