Sunday, 16 September 2012

A bit of this and that..

Need first to say thank you for all the lovely comments,  the mojo is now thoroughly rejuvenated!  And I can wave goodbye to the stamp maker,  it will be on its way down south tomorrow.

As for today,  it was back to the craft table - did someone say you can become addicted to dylusions?    Today I wanted to make the first creative piece to go into the art journal using a teeny tiny deck of cards I got in a Christmas cracker.  I also incorporated a few bits from Craft Artist pro (and I am being tempted to go for version 2!)  So having chosen the bits from C.A.P,  I then knew what colours to use for the background,  it would have to be green, or bluey green...    I used some linen card,  it has a lovely texture to it,  though not quite sure if that alone would fit the bill for the new ABAC challenge.

So with the background made, and stamped, lets see, Kaiser stamps, Indigo Blu,  Tim Holtz...   Yep that covers the lot.  It was time to decorate.  I printed out the C.A.P stuff, and had already put the sentiment on the weathered piece of paper,  also printed a tag,  nice thing about C.A.P is that all can be resized and recoloured.   The tag had the green edging, which is why I chose green/blue for the background.  I covered the edges of the tag and did some stamping on it,  added the cards, a couple of flowers,  umbrella man, who got embossed,  tucked a few clocks under the tag, have no idea why it just looked  nice.   And bob's your uncle, a page. The sentiment reads:

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.

It's like everything, we always have a choice.   Too many get caught up in the blame game,  they want others to be responsible for them and how their life turns out.   We can be dealt a bad hand, but as the quote says,  it is up to us 'how we play the hand',  we can hunker down and be the victim and all that goes with it, apathy,  selfishness, inertia,  and holding everyone to account for our  misfortunes - it was the fault of our parents, or my school failed me!   Or we can take responsibility and move on,  if we bother then we will meet inspirational people,  and those who will help and encourage us, but only if we are receptive and show willing.      I did this page to remind me not to be negative, and while I may feel that I haven't been dealt a good hand,  the rest is up to me. 
 Still not got my gesso,  and I do need it as I have quite a bit of canvas that I want to use to make some small pictures.  So tomorrow's activities are:  post parcel,  pay cheque into bank,  go get Gesso!  Just had a very soggy end to the weekend,  felt so sorry for the golfers at the Women's Open,  it was lashing down in Hoylake,  which is right on the coast,   I bet the 19th Hole is now very busy with golfers trying to warm up. 




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