Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thursday crafting

The second envelope book!    Same materials:  stiff card for covers,  thinner card 25gsm for spine, paper, glue, other decoration to taste.

These are all my bits,  the stiff card came from the back of a paper pad,  the spine was some coredinations card.  At the bottom is the paper and the envelopes.   Measurements are of course according to the size of your envelopes, but for the spine (to take five pages) you need a piece of card 20cm wide. I left 2cm strips at each end to secure the covers,  then folded every 1.5 cm.  To prep the envelopes, tuck in the flap and stick it down.

So it should look like this!   I used DST,  use the super sticky stuff.   Remember to punch two holes in the covers.  The rest is really about decoration and that has to be up to you.  This time I stamped on the envelopes.

For the covers I used Radiant Rain,  I've had hit and miss success with this, but realised where I was going wrong, I was using the wrong type of paintbrush, no seriously!   You need a flat paintbrush to get the best results, and remember to spritz the paper.   I used some hammered card,  then sprayed on the green/turquoise,  after that I gave it a light coat of gold,  which sadly doesn't show up on the photos, and chucked on some rock salt    I got some corner dies today,  and finally worked out the embossing bit on the Bug.  So they got cut, embossed,  sprayed with dylusions London Blue and Lime Green,  plus some Copper Radiant Rain,  then a good dollop of UTEE enamel.  After that I did the stamping, and glueing.

And we end up back here.   Lots of fun to make,   but well within reach of most crafters.  

I also picked up some much needed glue at craft shop,  was so tempted by some Indigo Blu stamps but somehow I managed to resist - just.   Well it was a toss up, more dylusions or the stamps... dylusions won, then I spotted the corner die,  and only a fiver, and that was me done.    Then back home to find mum still at home,  she'd decided against going to see a friend, it was too much effort... then of course she moaned about being bored all afternoon - you just can't win sometimes!  

Finally unearthed the book I'd bought for my art journal,  Lord knows what is lurking in this room!   Have one pile left to declutter...   ugh. 

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Julia S-W said...

Now that is fab and I think I can follow those instructions - I hope. Much prefer the idea of this to one made with tubes from kitchen roll. I laughed when I read about the paintbrush because the online course I'm doing about paint techniques has made me realise that paint brushes are mainly rubbish but I'm too mean to spend much on them!! Love that you could use papers for this book or make your own too.
I am sorry I haven't been here enough but I'm glad I've caught up because I love to see what you're doing and read about your days. You have far more creativity goin on than I do at the moment Cassidy. I made a bookmark thingy and only blogged it because I've supported the Artful Times challenge from the start, I missed it last week and promised I'd be back this week - with under an hour to spare!! Oh, well, I hated what I blogged but life isn't always about success is it?