Sunday, 2 September 2012

Bits and bobs...

Was wondering what to do with the bits and pieces I didn't manage to use the other day - all (the clock faces and mat for sentiment) printed off from Craft Artist Studio from a digi kit.  I found a tag already cut so, got the new TH stamps out and set to work, used from the TH set of distress ink pad: Old Paper,  Frayed Burlap and Walnut stain for stamping, Wild Honey and Spiced Marmalade for the background.  I used 3 of the TH stamps,  clock face,  birds on a wire and the numbers, stamped them twice, then cut one lot up.  Used the teeny tiny flowers, and that was it.   Stuck everything down, trimmed the clocks, but left a bit of the sentiment mat overhanging.   Everything is flat,  oh except for the butterfly, a last minute addition,  you can't quite pick it out, but it the white flappy thing!

Was also chuffed to have sold the Sizzix Texture Boutique, didn't get quite what I wanted for it price wise, but at least it is going to a good home.

So this is the next thing on ebay Stampmaker
I got it a couple of years ago,  it does work,  I just have no room for it.    It is pretty much complete, except for the paper and stamp pacs,  which I used,  and is in very good condition, it has been stored in its box.   I checked it and it is in full working order.   A great gadget for the arty types who want to make their own unique stamps.

This is what's inside the box, all the instructions,  pacs for stencils and embossing things, the CD and some pre-prepared stamp images.

Still got quite a few more bits to go on ebay, but think I'll stick to putting them on one and a time.  There is some stuff that I'm wondering if I will use again,  like the light box?    Not sure when that last saw any use,  and I need to sort out my stamps, what stays and what goes!

The delightful Barbara was on CnC this morning, she is just so creative, and inventive.

Yes it is that darned bike!   But different sentiment.  and the bike is a different colour.   Think it was also watching Barbara Gray brayering,   think I definitely need one of those splodge mats, she's right it saves a lot of time and paper.

Other things to think of like the new 'Anything But a Card Challenge',  very intrigued by that,  and my new stuff is on its way from CnC,  perfect timing I think.  Oh and there is the new TH tag,  not taken part much,  but this latest one is more up my street, and more doable for me since I am lacking a lot of the TH stuff.   I know he doesn't expect you to copy him, but it is nice to have most of the right things.

Weather hasn't lived up to the forecast, which said a sunny day, yeah right,  it rained ALL morning,   and was cloudy most of the afternoon - is there any point to the Met Office? 

Well that is me blogged,   hope you all had a lovely weekend,  thanks for stopping by.


Julia S-W said...

I love that tag - I think it's in the steampunk genre!! Hurray!! Love steampunk!! I also like the collaged look that you've achieved.
I did catch a bit of Barbara over the weekend. I can't deny she's very talented and seems very nice but sadly (and probably luckily for my purse!!) I don't like her style as much as TH so I won't be defecting to her camp!
I like the way you're making use of your bike die - wouldn't mind seeing some stamping on it too!
Hope all is ok with you up there.

Cazzy said...

The tag is great, are the cars the movers and shapers? Must be I feel or they wouldn't fit on the tag, or maybe stamped ones.

I have a stamp making kit never used but I don't have that light thingy with mine, you have to use your own light with a certain type of bulb. If only I could draw!

I also have the encaustic art kit not yet used!

I watched Barbara too, don't often watch c&c, she was convincing but it is expensive and somewhere I have a melt pot heat mat which might be similar, if only I could find it.

Carol xx