Saturday, 15 September 2012

Anything But A Card

At last I got there...   and with a suitable entry.  I chose the Art Journal as it gave me the most sastifaction to make, and incorporated all the new techniques I've been learning, or rather getting to grips with! 

Today was the finishing off,   I added 3 smaller flowers to give some balance,  and then once I was happy with the position of the flowers I added some stamps,  Indigo Blu and Tim Holtz.  I added a second sentiment, cos I like it.

I did also use the bubble wrap thingy, inking a piece and then laying it down on the background, just in the two corners, again for added interest. 

To me this has come together nicely. 

This is that extra sentiment.  Why do I like it, because it is so true, we hold ourselves back all the time because of self doubt, lack of belief and fear.   I've just read Rosemary Merry's blog,  she also talks about being positive, and being aware when she is feeling or being negative.   I can talk myself out of anything, it is a habit I am trying very hard to break,  most of the time I am successful, but I still have the odd rocky moment.

The close up also shows nicely the effect the rock salt left,  it has a bleaching effect.  It is far too chunky to stay on, so I tend to remove it all,  some smaller chunks are left behind. 

Of course now the journal is finished I have to start putting things in it.   Already had some ideas,  I've been wanting to use  small, and I mean small, deck of cards that came in a Christmas cracker,  but so far not been able to come up with any ideas of how to use them, had a light bulb moment today, so hopefully that will be the first entry.

The bedroom looked like a bomb had hit it after I'd finished,  I also made a small picture after the journal was finished.   But everything is now neatly packed away,  just as well I am forced to tidy up after each session, I can imagine what it would be like if I had a dedicated craft space! 

One last photo, a close up of the larger flower,  it was inked, stamped and embossed, then enamelled for good measure.  The bit in the middle is a brad,  with its legs chopped off,  why - cos I put the hole off centre!    So legs got chopped off and brad stuck down with pinflair glue. 

Well best get this on the ABAC  blog.   I've seen some of the entries and they are gorgeous, so many talented folk out there!


Julia S-W said...

Fantastic journal cover Cass (Maggie)! What do I love about it? The sentiment on the right is so appropriate to me at the moment that it sings out; the colours achieved in your background; the flowers are fab and I love the fact you have balanced them with various sizes; the embossing - I think perhaps I should have said everything really! Now, what you really must do is start working inside it - perhaps for our next challenge??
I'm really chuffed that you managed to enter the ABAC challenge and you MUST see if you like any of the forth coming challenges and enter again.

Elizabeth said...

The finished cover is gorgeous - I liked it in the process but now that the flowers are finished and the stamping done it truly is lovely. I'm always admiring other peoples art journals but they kind of scare me ... perhaps I should take not of the message in that stamp :) Elizabeth xx

Christy said...

This is SOOOO beyond awesome!!!! THanks for sharing it with us at ABAC :) :)

Susan M. Brown {sbartist} said...

Thanks for sharing your project with everyone at ABAC! Love, love ...LOVE your journal cover. I just love the color combination of purple, blue and regal and you topped it off with pops of gold. Look forward to seeing more of your work :)

Mandi said...

I love the art journal color. Blue is my favorite. Thanks for joining us over at ABAC.

Linda said...

This is so beautiful! Love the color combination and the way you embossed the flowers. Great job!