Saturday, 8 September 2012

Almost there!

This has been a long project!    The end is in sight, just.    Think it needs a bit more bits and bobs,  and some wording.   Today was spent making the flowers,  that took almost all afternoon, with some cutting, stamping, glueing.   I actually drew the heart,  did I hear someone say that 'you can tell?' humph,   I wanted quirky.   It was smothered in red distress ink,  stamped,  I painted round the edge with some gold mica, and plonked on two coats of UTEE for good measure.

It was also a beautiful day,  very warm once the sun got going.  I had a very lazy start to the day,  then needed to do something with hair,  talk about bad hair day, it was more like a whole weeks worth! 

Then sadly it was off to the supermarket,  where I did my good deed for the day.  There was a charity collecting food,  to make up food parcels for people in our area,   I felt angry that such a thing needed to be done.   The workers were handing out lists of things they needed, which was a very good idea,  I picked up five items off the list for them,  figured if everyone at least bought one thing they'd have done very well, plus Tesco said they'd add another 20%.   But what depths is this country plumbing if there is a need for food banks?    Chief plonker in charge wants everyone to build a conservatory, well I would, but can't afford it and also there is the matter of  living in a first floor flat!    And what is this new phenomena called Social housing?   What's that all about?   To me it sounds like discrimination,  council housing used to be very well built and spacious,  unlike today's boxes. 

And it is almost the end of the paralympics,  I read a very daft article in a newspaper this week claiming that the paralympics proved that the disabled were capable of full employment...  some are,  but there also needs considerable work to be done to make all buildings accessible,  many still aren't,  and access to public transport needs improving, especially train stations.   When I was in America the bus drivers did not moan when they saw someone in a wheelchair,  they simply did what they were supposed to do, lower the platform and help the person on to the bus.  And that was in LA, the land of the car!   Many disabled people would like to work, they can't because there are still so many barriers in their way. 

Best get off my soap box!   More crafting tomorrow, and more pics, that'll shut me up.

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Julia S-W said...

Wow, I'm loving how this is looking! Your flowers and your heart are gorgeous and I wish I could see them close up. I so love making flowers but they can be time consuming can't they?