Thursday, 6 September 2012

Deliciously inky

These are my dylusioned and radiant rained flowers,  cut with my new die!   I went to craft shop to get some utee,  then spotted the dylusions...   after that it was just a rocky road,  saw the die and...  it kind of fell into the basket.  Mind you I did resist the new spellbinders!  Had no choice, out of my price league.   Makes you wonder though, how can one die cost twice the price of another with offers much more? 

And don't get me started on price of petrol!   The stuff has gone down in price on the markets, yet up at the pump.

Back to craft stuff,  I got two dylusions, couldn't resist the purple, and the whacky pink was screaming at me. The assistant had only come back on shift that day so hadn't seen all of the new stock, so she was wondering what they were,   I just told her that everyone was using them.   I've promised to take back what I make so she can see the finished results.

I just did my usual thing of 'have a go', but bore in mind what some folk had said about them being messy, so had plenty of kitchen roll to hand.  I spritzed the flowers first with some water, on top of the kitchen towel, then sprayed on the dylusions,  I found a little goes a long way!   I found them much easier to use than the cosmic shimmers,  which went everywhere when I tried using them,  then stopped working.

These are my other new goodies,  Radiant Rain, as demoed by Sheena on CnC last week.  I used the gold on the flowers, so now they have mica powder on them, which isn't showing up much on the photo.   These are also economical to use,  you don't need much, a few drops,  or you can use the dropper that comes in the kit, which I did, then just sponged it over the flowers.  No fancy sponge either,  just the very cheap kitchen sponges.

The flower die was X cut, which to my delight I discovered came with a magnetic mat, what a good idea!   It has six flower dies of various sizes, plus the middle bit of the flowers.    I needed to use a shim to cut the flowers, but that is no hardship,  I've cut some shims and keep them with the cutting plates.

Tomorrow I have to make a sympathy card,  a sad task,  not my favourite thing to make.

All for now.


Julia S-W said...

Hahaha - you've given in and bought them!! I so love these and I'm sure you'll end up buying more colours! The only one I haven't got to grips with yet is the black because it is a bit scary. I don't use a spray booth or anything: just clear things that can't be sprayed out of the way and that's it! They work beautifully on watercolour paper too especially with mica spray.
Loving the look of your flowers so far and can't wait to see what you do with them.

BJ said...

Hay Cassidy, next time lay the flowers on white paper/card to spray them as it leaves a great background as they work as a mask. I swiped the resulting card with my kitchen roll so as to lightly colour the impressions left. Sure I WOYWW'd it, I used numbers. Super flowers. BJ