Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Crafty Notions

I've been trying to come up with a solution for my craft storage,  I wanted something I could store it in but also use for crafting, and I found what I wanted!  A hideaway desk, but at a price I could afford,  as in half price!    So my stash can be neatly stored, and at the end of the day I can just close the doors of the cupboard...  it should be here next week, then I have to put it together. 

So did a spot of crafting today,  just doing stuff in my journal at the moment.  Like this page,  which I didn't think was going to work,  cos it is the Art Journal it is just about trying stuff, no worries if they don't turn out quite as I hoped.     I have a new die,  the flourish...  was after a lamp post,  but can't find what I want!   Ratsfink.   And sadly craft shop has put silly prices on the spellbinder stuff.   The only thing of interest I got from the craft shop was the flourish and the stamp, which is just behind it,  Indigo Blu of course!     The other two items were boring but necessary,  some pva glue, no idea where my flowersoft glue has got to, but it has wandered off...   it was on my desk,   now it isn't - if you find it can you return it please?  

I've also been using the gesso, giving the canvas boards few liberal coats,   I also found that it is good for covering up inadvertent mistakes,  like the odd inky fingerprint! 

Just a day and a bit separates me from my weekend away,   I'm counting the hours,  my patience has been stretched way beyond its limit.  

Well that's it for now,  busy day tomorrow...   now off to do some writing.

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