Sunday, 30 September 2012

Guess what - it is raining!

Awake at the usual unearthly hour, but I am trying to retrain my body clock, so managed to get back to sleep until 6 a.m.,  far more civilised.  I could hear the rain falling on the window,  not a sound that encourages you to get out of bed.  And suddenly the clock was saying it was after 9 a.m.,  how does that happen?   Dragged myself into the world,   Sadly second duty of the day, after my morning cuppa, was to go to supermarket... ugh.   But we needed a few vital supplies, bread and milk, which seem to disappear fast in this place.

So after brunch,  I settled down to some crafting that I hoped I would enjoy!   And this is what appeared on my craft mat.  Cut some flowers,  wasn't sure how many I would use so cut a few.  Stamped on the card,  a music score and a postcard type stamp,  then added the metal tape embossed piece,  and the lettering.  Far happier with this piece than yesterday's effort. 

This is the 'after', when I'd added a few swirls round the border,  and why is the word 'sing' looking wrong?   Bad spacing I think,  my quickie glue pen failed...   it was neither quick or had glue!    I'm getting a tad tired of stuff that you buy in good faith and that then fails to work, or fails to work for very long!   I also spent some time with Craft Artist, doing some work for a group,  which I really enjoyed.   But I did get sick of the CD stuff on CnC today,  I thought that if I saw one more I'd scream!   Back to proper crafting please CnC! 

Not sure what will get produced tomorrow,  could be anything!   But I do need to get the brayer out to produce some stuff for a craft fair.

I hope you've had a largely dry weekend.   Thanks for stopping by


BJ said...

Love the music score on metal - really ought to try that. BJ

Julia S-W said...

Love the composition here Cass. The words are great - I might save that phrase if you don't mind! You ask why 'sing' looks wrong? I kept looking at it and the only thing that struck me was that the letters were smaller and therefore made it look unbalanced perhaps?? Great colours and loving those flowers!! Is the one in the bottom left stamped as well as die cut? Yippee for handmade flowers with stamping - love them!!