Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tis the weekend

The weekend...  but I am wishing I was back at Swarthmoor Hall.  

So here I am, at my desk,  all duties done, delivered birthday present,  managed to avoid craft shop, yes I was tempted!  But they'll not have any new goodies for a couple of weeks - I checked on my last visit.

I started this piece yesterday, but still not happy with it.   I'm happy with bits of it,  but it ain't working!   Hence no entries for the challenges this week.  Once again I am just trying to be too clever.   I'll take it apart tomorrow and have another go.   I tried something else and that half worked,  but it wasn't to my liking and ended up in the bin.     I am all at sixes and sevens with my crafting area,  I'd got the bedroom ready for the new desk, which I expected to have in situ by now - thanks to Sainsbury's inertia it won't be here till the 4th - I made more space so that I can put it together,  but that means things aren't were they should be, which makes sense to me, but not to you!

Mum is also having a moan about me not sitting with her, well tough,  she has friends she can talk to, who she can go and visit, I'd take her, but will she budge, no.  And even if I do sit in the living room with her what does she do - she falls asleep.   She's like this because last weekend my sister was here, and of course sis had a lot to tell mum,  what mum forgets is that she and I see each other ever blinking day so there isn't much stuff to share!   I also need my own space,  and time to myself, which is what my crafting gives me.

I'll be back at my craft table tomorrow, hopefully with more success!


BJ said...

Well all I'd change perhaps are the colour of the buttons, other than that I like it, definitely Autumnal. BJ

Julia S-W said...

Not sure why you don't like this Cass - I think it's going in the right direction. What would I change? Well, I'd be tempted to grunge up those gorgeous tags a bit (perhaps lose one?) and maybe put something extra on the tag - a main image? I love the way you've roughed up some of the edges too - I love the way your work is going - right up my street!

Julia S-W said...

Back again. You should set the comment box to open in a different window so people can see your work as they comment - just a thought.
Anyway, when I had another look it struck me that the sentiment takes centre stage and your gorgeous little owl is totally lost on the lovely tag background. He either needs to be bigger or coloured or put in a scene perhaps with leaves (3d) perhaps around him? Just thinking out loud - hope that's ok. Wish someone would do this with my work!!