Friday, 7 September 2012

Rocked by salt

Not sure why I bothered going to bed last night, was up and down like a fiddlers elbow.  Would you believe I made mum tea and toast at... 4 a.m.! She was also having a restless night.  Of course when it was time to get up I was fast asleep. 

I had an amusing walk to the high street, was asked directions by a postie?!   He told me that our posties were on strike and he was from Wales, and totally lost,  made me wonder why they didn't hand out some AtoZs?    I think more post was being taken back to the van than was being delivered,  I did point him in the direction of the newsagent so he could get directions. 

So after yesterday's practise run with the inks it was time to start the frame.

Which is pictured above, slightly different from first frame.  I stuck the leaves in the corners, then covered the lot in metal tape,  before adding a copper alcohol ink, that now needs to be burnished and some further decoration added. So while that was drying I turned my attention to the background.  I used the radiant rain set to colour a piece of card, then chucked the rock salt over it and left it to dry.   Once dry I brushed off the loose stuff,  the really chunky bits,  and discovered this lovely pattern under it.   It still has some salt on it so it does have texture.  I cut the card slightly smaller than the aperture, about 1mm smaller all the way round, and it fitted perfectly.

Then I stamped round the edge using a TH stamp, and espresso adirondiac ink pad.  It was going as planned, thankfully!   I cut out more flowers, this time in colours to compliment this background,  I found my canvas paper,  so wondered if the Bug would cut it, and it did, took a couple of passes.  The canvas paper takes the Radiant Rain beautifully,  I used some distress inks first,  brown, red and orange,  sounds like an odd mixture, but under the copper and gold they really worked to make a lovely autumnal colour.  No photos of the flowers as they're not finished yet and are still drying.  My TV makes an excellent craft dryer! 

Next is the task of decorating/inking/stamping a piece of the canvas paper to go in the centre.  That will be the job for tomorrow. 

Might have got that done but it was off to pick up mum from the hairdressers, she had of course, forgotten what I'd said, that I'd pick her up about 5pm, but that if she was going to be later than that to phone me - she didn't phone me so I had another 30 minute wait when I got there.  Mind you I was kept entertained by Cath's new kitten, Tigger,  who seemed to enjoy having his tummy tickled,  then he sat on my shoulder to get a better view of the outside world,   his next trick was to keep us all amused by hairing around the salon and skidding to a halt.

Well the craft stuff is now packed away for the night,  stamps have been cleaned,  and all tools neatly stored away. 

Have a lovely weekend all, thanks for stopping by.


Cazzy said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting Cass, there is someone out there really! I was talking to a "live person" on MyHermes chat yesterday, it didn't respond to my question "are you actually a live person", and was clearly not!

Lovely colours you are creating there!

I guess I am feeling a bit down, not feeling well right now.

Carol x

BJ said...

Like this effect Cassidy, I saw Sheena at it the other day and I think you have certainly got the knack with the new stash. BJ

Julia S-W said...

Sorry I've been so rubbish at commenting. Not sure where the week has gone and my regulars - like you - that I always visit have suffered to varying degrees. I like the look of these rain spray things but I really mustn't get too interested as a) I don't need them b)I mustn't spend any more money!