Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sunday Stampers week 220 Green Tambourine

Another week has flown by and at last I've managed to squeeze in my Sunday Stampers challenge.  This week it was green,  so out came the green ink pads (wish I'd had my new paints!)  anyway,  I decided to go with a tag.   And the postie brought my new set of TH stamps,  can't believe I got them for £6!  

Did a lot of stamping,  lamp post came into play again,  along with a flourish, and the clock from the TH set of stamps, lots of inking went on,  also tried a tip from Sheena, which was to spritz the card after the inking,  seemed to give a richer blend. A few flowers,  from a punch this time,  which were then painted with brass enamel,  a few teeny tiny flowers,  which had been ivory before my permanent marker went over them.  Oh and a butterfly, well why not?

Just to prove that there is green there and  smidge or two of yellow,  or whatever TH calls his yellow.   Did the bubble wrap technique as well using some archival ink.  Then today Barbara Gray reminded us of the cling film inky thing... must try that tomorrow.

Was full of good intentions today,  had planned another walk to high street, but my knee was just too sore.  So made do with a small walk to paper shop,  and a spot of gardening.   Then having watched Barbara with her brayer,  I got mine out again and...

My brayering is definitely improving.   I was most impressed with Leonie's attempt this morning,  okay she is a talented crafter, but she did admit that she wasn't so hot with the brayer.  I loved the shadow technique that Barbara did, that is definitely one to do,   a further trick I saw on CnC was someone using low tac tape as washi tape,  they'd run it through the printer, but you could also use stamps and ink.  It was a very informative morning on CnC!   I am prepared to put up with the hard sell as long as they let the crafters craft. 

I did the bike picture, but this time added the TH umbrella man,  and I found this quirky sentiment so popped it on.  This will be turned into a card and be on its way to someone shortly.

Now have to turn my attention to a swap card challenge, somehow have to include fish...  I'm sure that lurking somewhere in my stash is some fishy stuff,  if not it may come down to a toss up between the dolphins stencil and craft artist studio...

Well best head over to Sunday stampers and get my link on there.  Enjoy the weekend.  


Elizabeth said...

Hi Cass, your tag is beautiful - love the shade of green you've got, much more subtle then mine :)

Your brayering is lovely - and I do like your composition. The sentiment is fab - could easily refer to me on bad days :))

I've got to agree with you about CnC - happy to ignore the sales talk as long as there are plenty of demos. I like to record shows so I can fast forward through the sales pitch, especially when I'm on a spending moratorium, as at present - I don't need the temptation.

I haven't got a single fishy item for the swap - it's really going to really test me.

Elizabeth xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Gorgeous creations, love them both! Thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper x

Julia S-W said...

Fantastic background on that tag Cass - right up my street!
I've only got one fishy item too!!! Could be fishy without the fish for me.