Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A relaxing weekend

Hard to believe that I took this picture on Saturday,  this is where I was staying, Swarthmoor Hall in Ulverston.   A beautiful place,  apparently it was were Quakerism was founded.   Part of the house is a B&B, and the rest is being restored.   The lovely warden let us wander round the rest of the house,  a very spooky place.  There were ten of us taking part in an art weekend,  it was really great fun.  There was lots of nattering,  late nights,  wine flowing and much giggling.   We're all on FB, and belong to the same group, but that, aside from a couple of people, has been my only contact with the rest.  Who says modern media has killed the art of conversation, were it not for FB I'd never have met any of these people. 

I'm now back at my craft desk.   I did take some of my craft stuff with me, inks, stamps and the dylusions,  everyone loved them.  I was able to pass on some techniques.   The Indigo Blu stamps were very popular!   That didn't surprise me as they are gorgeous.   I was also sketching,   if you notice in the photo that at the front there are 3 toadstools carved from wood, well I sketched them.  I'd been wandering round the gardens and sat down on the bench for a rest, then spotted the toadstools.

In fact here they are.  I liked the roughness of the carving, which appeared to be very crude but wasn't.  And having been left out in all rain, hail, snow and sun, the wood has become very weathered.

I'm now half way through a picture,  craft stuff, it is on my desk waiting to be finished.  Also made my swap card, a tad late - oops.   I knew what I wanted to do, so it was just a question of putting it all together, and it did come together rather nicely.  That will be in the post tomorrow, as will my friend's Satnav,  which we had been going to use but didn't need to, the good old map book proved to be enough.  Besides the Satnav actually helped my friend get lost on the way to mine after she hit some road works and needed to take a diversion, in the end I guided her to my house, so much for technology.

Sadly my craft desk won't be here till next week!  I am annoyed, it said on Sainsbury's website that it was a 7 to 10 working days delivery,  I placed the order on Wednesday evening, so that means two working days had already passed (four in my view as Sainsbury's is a 7 day a week operation),  before they phoned me on Monday to confirm the delivery slot which they said wouldn't be till the 10th October,  that soon got changed to 4th October,  now don't tell me that they don't deliver on a Saturday or Sunday?   So that means the weekends are also working days - yes?    

Hopefully I'll have some craft pictures tomorrow, and must check the challenges for this week.   Wondering when it will STOP raining? 

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