Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Thankyou Rosemary!

I caught the Trimcraft show on CnC and to my delight it was Rosemary Merry, wasn't that taken with all the kits, but it was what Rosemary demonstrated that caught my eye, and envelope book.   I have envelopes galore,  so I decided to have a go.  It looked pretty easy,  here's what you need:  envelopes,  stiff card (for outside of book), another piece of card (to make the spine),  DST,  paper to decorate the covers, and glue.

The size of the book will depend on the size of the envelopes you choose.  I went for some slim envelopes, which just happen to fit the tags!    My envelopes measured 19 cm by 7.5 cm.   I cut the card for the covers and spine slightly bigger.

For the spine I left two 2cm strips at each end to attached the covers,  then concertina folded the middle bit, I used 1.5 cm increments,  that gave me five pages,  again, how many pages you want to include is up to you. 

I decorated the front and back covers, and used a hole punch for the ties.   You need to do a bit of work on the envelopes,  fold in and stick down the flap, then slip inside a piece of paper and glue down.  Then attach the spine to front and back covers with glue or DST,  place strips of DST on each fold of the spine,  and attach envelopes.  I trimmed mine with some ribbon and left it overhanging each end.  As you can see the envelops fit the tags nicely.   You could ink or stamp on the envelopes.

Here's the front and back covers,  I used a plain paper,  inked round the edges,  did some stamping and added a few embellishments and stuff.   That was it!    Think this may be my ABAC challenge entry.    It didn't take long,  a couple of hours.     It would also make a  nice gift. 

I've only ever bothered with ready made books, so this was really enjoyable to make.

Happy days!


BJ said...

Love it Cassidy, might need some more instructions if I get round to making one myself. Thanks BJ

Julia S-W said...

wow, I love this too Cassidy!! Not quite sure how it goes together but wouldn't mind having a go at one of these. You need to do a tutorial I think.Please.

Julia S-W said...

Forgot to say that the tags are fab too.