Monday, 17 September 2012


 At last I have my gesso,  a very large pot of it.  Took a trip to the Range,  they do at least have a decent stock of art materials, also picked up two more canvases and some much needed blades for my paper cutter,   and this -

My Art Journal,  I know what you're thinking, she already has one, well yes and no. What I'd bought first time was a notebook, which I will use for arty stuff, but I wanted something more robust, the various AJ blogs I visited all suggested a skecth book/pad.   So when I saw this lovely thing at the Range well I couldn't resist.  I has a lovely shiny black cover,  which is about to be covered,  and good strong paper inside.

So with the gesso I prepped some canvases,  they are now ready to use tomorrow. 

With stuff drying I did the first page,  seemed apt to use this tag,  I like the sentiment on it.  There will be more journalling as I go along,  but I was just content to use the quotes, including one from Maya Angelou. 

I've got a few tags  lurking round all needing to be put in something!   I put the TH tag on the opposite page,  some scribbling to be done on that,  but dinner time was calling, time for me to prep our dinner, cauliflour cheese,  which I have to say was rather delicious,  real comfort food. 

So lots to do tomorrow,  must get going on the swap card!   I had almost forgotten all about it.  As with my mammogram tomorrow, ugh, hate having it done,  lets face it breasts are not anotomically designed to be xrayed!   The appointment time is 9.57...  I mean what is that about?  Why not 9.55, or 10 a.m.?  

This is a close up of the Maya Angelou quote,  I love this as it is so true, we do remember how someone has made us feel.   I just need to find the decal paper...  yes it is here somewhere,  put somewhere safe!   I must stop doing that, putting things where they belong as I can never find them. 

I almost forgot,  I bought a bag of wotsits,  best way of describing them,  a bag of small bits and bobs for cards, discs, small hinges...  think it will last forever.  Now need to think about the ABAC challenge,   and Sunday Stampers...  oh and the swap card!  

Thanks for dropping by, your company is much appreciated. 

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