Monday, 10 September 2012

Take 3?

Whose stupid idea was it to decorate a frame?  This is take 3...  best not to ask about take 2.  This is also doubling up as a present for my sister who is 60 next week, well part of her present.    Used the bike picture,  as I think she'll like it,   no stamping on the bike (sorry Julia!),  cos not every understands or likes grunge.    So now just got the outside bits to do, already cut the card for that,  next lots of stamping and stuff.

Also had a bash at a technique I saw Sheena try on CnC, were you use an embossing folder, ink it up with versamark,  then add embossing powder.  First attempt was a disaster,  but second wasn't so bad.   Then had the natty idea of using an embossing pen... that worked much better, only the pen I have is rubbish.    Also watched Sheena using her Radiant Rain inks,  was seriously tempted to get more! 

More hassles on the home front, looks like mum has an infection, another one,  of course it took her all day to agree to go the doctor, by which time all the appointments were gone, so now we have to do the routine of phoning first thing,  but she will only see one of the doctors...  oh the joys of being a carer! 

The cheer up was the parade of the Olympians and Paralympians,  it has been a washout with the weather this summer, yet it will be one to remember.   Disgusted with the Beeb, they're NOT showing the US open final, there is just no continuity,   they did the first time he was in the final, so why not now?   Guess it will have to be Five live!  

Just seen the Craft Barn challenge,  art journal, never made one of those,  but it looks interesting.

Well all for  now. 

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Julia S-W said...

I think it's a great idea to put this in a frame and I do understand about the bike - sometimes I need to stop thinking grunge and realise that it's not everyone's cup of tea! I'm a bit confused - has something happened to the other frame, the one with the flowers? Did I miss reading that bit? I'm not firing on all cylinders so sorry.