Friday, 14 September 2012

Art Journalling

Thought it was time I began this Art Journalling stuff.  Not quite got the right sort of pad, but this will do for a few bits and bobs till I get something more substantial. 

So attention was turned to making it look nicer,  yes you've guessed, out came the dylusions!   This time I diluted them with water and brushed them on, after I'd spritzed the card,  then chucked a load of rock salt on it,  and spritzed again for good measure.  Left that to dry and turned my attention to what would go on it.  I'm still experimenting with the flowers, so that seemed a good idea, so cut out two sets of flowers, and some corners,   actually I had a bit of a die cutting session! 

So with this piece drying nicely on top of TV, it was briefly over to something I started earlier in the week.

The frame, which is finally finished!  I found some lovely copperish coloured card,  stuck it on, mitred the corners and added the gold embossed corners.  My lovely brayering isn't showing up.

So my attention went back to the journal,  after I'd looked at a few Art Journal blogs,  which proved very useful.   I do need some proper gesso,  local craft shop has none,  so looked on amazon, found some at a reasonable price, pity the postage was stoopid!   I'll head into town where there is an arts shop. 

So back to journal and the flowers,  inked them,  embossed them with gold,  and then gave them a coat of enamel.  Was going to just go with the big flowers, but think it needs some small ones to give some balance.  Cut some of the other corners,  they got inked and enamelled, and added the sentiment.  Still got lots of work to do on it, stamping and stuff,  nothing is stuck down yet. 

I realised that my craft disasters happen when I try too hard,  or if I put pressure on myself, if I just relax and go with my instincts,  then things generally work out.    Getting much better with the Radiant Rain stuff, and the dylusions, the latter can be a bit scary to use as the colour is so intense,  I was happier today with diluting the stuff.  The Radiant Rain is the opposite,  less intense, but a little does seem to go a long way. 

I'll be back at it tomorrow.   Only a week to go to my art weekend!    Have a lovely weekend all.


Julia S-W said...

I really like the addition of the corners to your frame - finished off very nicely.
The journal cover is coming on a treat too. Of course, I love the flowers and will be interested to see the final touch. I'm with you on the addition of smaller flowers to balance things out. I use a Martha Stewart punch which I seem to have had forever - I think it's a hydrangea one - and it has a number of very small flowers which work well as centres of larger flowers and the really tiny ones are good space fillers or 'balancers'. It's the most useful punch I have - the others just sit in the drawer!
Have a great weekend and I'm so enjoying following your creations. Pity you live all the way up there as I think we could have some great play days!

Elizabeth said...

I like your journal cover background - love how the colours merge into each other. The inked and gold embossed flowers are beautiful too. If you hadn't have said, I would never haven known those corners were not metal - they are very good. Hope you found the gesso you were looking for today. Elizabeth xx