Sunday, 18 January 2009

It was a wild and stormy night...

Ooooh thought the roof was going to go yesterday evening! Boy did it get wild outside. Was happy to be tucked up inside all cosy.

I'm on my lonesome and it is lovely. Can't hear any moaning and groaning in the background, or anyone huffing and puffing... bliss.

But it has been a sad day, my neighbours children came to clear out her flat. I didn't want to watch. They popped in for some bin bags, brushes etc. All of us were finding it unbearable. It still seems so wrong that she is no longer here.

Her daughter gave me a poem she'd found, it is about friendship, I'll post it here tomorrow. It brought a huge lump to my throat and a few tears fell.

I'd been busying myself with some scrapbooking, finishing off a page and putting one together. One I finished off I've uploaded. I was stuck for a title, do like my pages to have a title. I managed to find enough chipboard letters to make up 'moments' tho from two different sets, I recoloured one lot. I used the boys papers I got from QVC, cut some star points, plus half a circle (to act as mat for photo), once arranged I added some gromlets, big and small using BB. I set them with page facing up, I used D1 setting, it is really supposed to be D4, but it worked for me, and was easier working with the pages right way up. Photo is of my youngest nephew when he was a cute baby, now he is just a skinny twentysomething! But it is a very tender photo between father and son.

Also working on an exploding box template... will upload it as soon as I've finished it. They do look intimidating, but are actually very easy to make.

hope you've all survived the stormy weather.

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