Saturday, 3 January 2009

Strange yellow thing spotted in sky...

Good Gordon, the sun was shining today! Tho it was a bit bizarre, it was really grey and threatening North of the city, and blue sunny skies in the south. But still cold.

Once again I had great ideas of getting to a craft shop, and once again I never managed to get there. Well had to go to supermarket, needed some supplies, as in milk and stuff. And driving has now become really painful. Gonna have to give in and go shop on line, which isn't what I really want to do.

Still amazed at pig ignorance of some people, one chap blocked the aisle, he could see I was using a crutch and was hobbling, but did it occur to him to move to one side... nope, he just stood there like a useless entity. And same also applied to one or two members of supermarket staff, one who tried to insist on pushing past mum, but mum refused to budge and marched on with her walker, and another young lad who barged past me and then another lady who was in a wheelchair. Season of Goodwill must be over... well it is in some parts of this borough, not that it was ever really there during Christmas.

It also occurred to me today that disabled parking spaces should be reserved for those who need the space to get out of their car - like me! I need to push my seat back and have door open wide so i can get out, I can't bend my knee properly. But the spaces are for anyone with disabled badge, which is dumb! Why not make all spaces near to shops disabled only, but those which give you extra room be limited to those who need the extra room?

So nowt else for it this afternoon, than to do a bit more card making. Made a slider card! I was chuffed at that, I had no instructions, so was guessing as to what you had to do. Also picked up a neat trick from one of the C&C demonstrators, she never tied a whole piece of ribbon round a card, she said she saved ribbon by sticking some along card and then making a bow... sounds sensible to me. But back to slider card, I also used my old cutter to round off the edges of the slider, which made it look a bit more professional. It is a kiddie card, from the TSV stuff, but I'll get 3 slider cards out of just one kit. I'm all for making it go a long way. Will also have to make up some baby exploding boxes, thought they might do well at a craft fair, thought I could take orders... So I'm going to be a busy bunny over the next few weeks. Will also have to go chat to a friend who does fairs, think she can help me out with the nitty gritty.

Still got to find out about a reiki and tapping course... noooooo, not tapping as in tap dancing, EFT, a relaxation technique. Think this time round it would be better if I got some new skills before I have to wander down a new path.

Fingers crossed for more sun tomorrow.

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