Tuesday, 6 January 2009

where's me thermals!

Can it get any colder? Managed to keep warm by watching QVC, 3 craft shows in one day! Mind you first one was presented by most irritating of their presenters, I am sure she is a nice person but she puts me on edge as she is so nervous!

Could have bought loads during the Scrapbooking outlet, in fact could have bought every item had I had the cash. In the end I settled for the boys kit, I intend to do a scrapbook for my nephew. That's if my SiL gets round to sorting out the photos.

No crafting today, partly as I was in slob mood, and also watching QVC and switching over to C&C. But also had to go pick up mum from her hydrotherapy session, she came back feeling very positive about it, so fingers crossed!

Want to get back down to some scrapbooking tomorrow. Did like what R Merry said when asked if she made pages quickly, she said no, that they just came together. And also that there is no right or wrong way. One of my plans last year was to go visit her shop, which isn't that far away. I hope I will be able to make it this year.

Thought CSI NY was starting tonight, must be next week! Oooh flip, still there is a double bill of CSI. Been watching the trailers for the new show, won't spoil things for you!

Bye for now, thanks for stopping by. I'm happy to exchange links by the way, just leave your link in a comment form and I'll add it to my blog list.

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