Thursday, 8 January 2009


Has my luck changed? Went for my bone scan results, had convinced myself to expect the worst. Wasn't in a very good mood when I got there either. In the morning the hospital phoned me to say that I had two appointments, yeah well I knew that... both were well apart so I figured I could make both. Receptionist asked if I wanted to cancel one, I said no, to leave them as they were. So off I goes for first appointment, get my eyes checked. I get there and... it has been cancelled... not by me, by hospital as my records had to be with the other department! Er, what have bones and eyes got in common? I was furious. I mean I could have taken my records with me, they are, after all - my records. So that meant I was going to be a hole hour early for next appointment, same hospital, but different site.

Went anyway, as ususal it was chaos trying to get parking space. So after watching one wally block the road while waiting for a woman (slowest in the world) to move, I asked the angels for a parking space. Lo and behold, yep, I found one round corner! But I was still too early, so went to fracture clinic to see if surgeon's secretary had booked my new appointment. Well she hadn't. Had a sneaky suspicion she hadn't bothered. But nice chap made me an appointment for next week, and he apologised. So off for a coffee, to kill more time. Braved killer looks by having sneaky ciggie (outside of course)... then turned up 25 minutes early for bone appointment. Was told I wouldn't wait long... one hour later... I was fuming, knee was sore, and I had decided that at 1600 hours I would be on my way out of the department! Luckily the nurse called me in at 15.50. I assumed, because they'd recalled me that I did have osteoporosis, but nurse said that I shouldn't jump the gun. She showed me my results, I am borderline, literally. So it is up to me to do summat, nurse has put thru prescription for extra vitamins to my GP and took bloods. So hopefully I will never see her again. Well I like cheese, love ice cream... hey they are both laden in calcium! I already take zinc. My only vice is my smoking, and I am trying to cut down. Tho I do take extra Vit C to compensate.

So not a bad day after all. I also won a tenner on the lottery! Would be nice to win a bit more... but I am not complaining, a win is a win. Got a shock tho when I left the hospital department, stepped outside to be greeted by - thick fog! But by time I got to gate, it had cleared. Weird weather.

Haven't crafted all week, won't be tomorrow either, have to go catch up with a few workmates, nice to know they miss me.

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Cazzy said...

It's time you had some good luck Cass, lets hope it continues.