Friday, 23 January 2009

I'm in stitches...

Well on Wednesday I arrived as requested at 7.30 a.m., with no idea where the hospital day unit was... luckily a friendly security chap pointed me in right direction. Had high hopes of being all done and dusted by lunchtime and out mid afternoon. Hopes were soon dashed by anaethetist, he said I was last on the list... I wouldn't go down to theatre till at least 3 pm! I was a tad miffed, I could have stayed at home, had a cuppa and some toast and then come in for 10 a.m. So there I was starving, thirsty and fed up, and a little cold. Waiting area was just full of chairs, some were recliners, but no blankets and it wasn't very warm. Staff were okay, friendly but once they'd dumped us in the waiting area they didn't bother to check on us. So got chatting to other inmates, as you do, another lady was also not due to go down for her op till mid afternoon, so we had a moan together.

Fortunately at 12.45 pm they came for me, they'd decided to slot me in between hip operations. Didn't actually get into theatre until 1.30 pm, but I did get the comedy act, two theatre nurses and a nutty anaethetist, they were chucking one liners around and keeping me amused. I said I wanted to be awake, they didn't seem too pleased by that... surgeon wasn't either, there was a risk my knee could refracture so it was best I was asleep in case they had to do a full operation. So what the heck, off I went to sleep... and woke up 45 minutes later in recovery... mmmm what happened to the: it will only take five to ten minutes? I also had a tube in, which meant I was in theatre and fully knocked out, which they said they wouldn't do. So not sure things went as smoothly as they'd all hoped. I really just wanted to snooze, but if you do that they keep you longer, so made myself wake up. Then they took me down to the private wing, I thought they'd got me mixed up with someone, but nope, seemed they were using that as the overspill. So I had my own room, TV, nice cuppa in a real cup, and a lovely veg soup with sandwiches, oh and a slice of delicious carrot cake. Even so, I just wanted to get home! But they refused to allow me to go anywhere till at least 8pm!

Knee was really sore, it was all bandaged up, which I had to remove yesterday, and change the dressing, well so much for the incy bitty cut he said he'd make! Humph, it is 4 bloody inches, another scar... mind you it is a lot neater than the last. Tho HE didn't do the op, his junior did, must compliment her on her stitching. Worryingly the wound was still bleeding this morning, only a little, and it is still very sore and swollen. But mum made a fuss of me, she was really worried, thinking I suppose about her own experience, I'm laid back about operations, let them get on with it. Mind you it does her good to worry about me, rather than just fretting about herself.

So today we went out for some shopping, she had a moan, which I as usual ignored. But today she actually managed to get her own prescription, which meant a longer walk than just to supermarket, I left her to get to sainsburies on her own while I went to ATM, she did get stuck, wind was a bit strong, but luckily a nice lady came along and helped her out. So we trundled to supermarket and got our stuff, including a hot cross bun loaf! But she did feel better for getting out, and admitted it when we got home. Same last week when I suggested she walk round to corner shop, she huffed and puffed about it, but then was rather chuffed with herself. Think I'll keep on pushing.

Next week is even more chaotic than this one, got to go see surgeon on Tuesday, and car needs its MOT! Supposed to also go for another hospital appointment, but they can go get lost, had enough of hospitals.

Did manage to make two cards today, the one in pic, which is one of my 1920s ladies, but with my twist on it. Have been wanting to use the b/w paper for ages, suddenly the idea came to me, used two thin strips of mirri card, just to lift it a bit, and some black jet gems as accents. Also made a card using LMC stuff. But sorry, was not inspired by magazine at all.

Have a good weekend all.


Blimey said...

Poor you, Cass. you have really been through the mill. Fingers crossed that this will have sorted it all out for good now.

Cazzy said...

Maybe you should send the car to the surgeon and you have the MOT!

I hope they have fixed you this time, and the card is lovely.

I managed to spend £80 at the show in Exeter today, despite not really having my heart in it, resisted another £10 kit reduced from £20 as I have a few kits not yet started!

Cazzy x