Saturday, 31 January 2009

Ain't it surprising where the wind blows.. . ;-)

According to the BBC the wind is coming from Russia, alls I know is where it is trying to go, in places it frankly has no right to. But it made for a very chilly morning. Was expecting mum to bail out of going to supermarket, but to my surprise she didn't.

Forecast is awful for next few days, so she decided we needed to stock up! This is in spite of us having loads of stuff in freezer, fridge... and of course access to internet, so we ain't going to starve. I do tho hate shopping on a Saturday morning, the shop is full of ignoramuses! One woman kept on plonking her trolley in front of stuff and then wandering off, I got so fed up I shifted it, wonder if she found it? Who cares... others just barged in front of me, or mum (she is using her 3 wheelie stroller), while some decided to stop and catch up with friends in the most inconvenient places! Some of the staff are just as bad, they barge thru with their trolleys... I'd seriously had enough by end of trip and refused to budge one inch to let this prat of a father squeeze past me with his three brats, all he needed to do was walk round me - I'd parked up with trolley by wall, waiting for mum... he tried to give me a filthly look, but he got more than he bargained for... The straw broke in the car park, as I was trying negotiate my way out of a tight space onto the road out, I needed to back up a little, but this prat had parked behind me, so I kept on reversing.... never seen anyone reverse so fast as he did! I can see me doing a Basil Fawlty at some stage, getting out of my car and going to bash someone's car with my stick... they are just PIG ignorant in Crosby!

Frankly after the morning I was in no mood to go tackle the roads or shops in Southport. Not on a Saturday. Half of me wanted to go to the Range, just to see if they had any bargains craftwise, the other half of me was very reluctant. I knew what it would be like, worse than Crosby... so I stayed put and got on with my exploding box. Which hasn't gone quite to plan, I don't have enough of the 1920s ladies kit left to use on the box! So time to improvise, found some brass stencils, then unearthed my chalks, found some nice art deco peel offs, tho they were gold, but I used my peel off pens to transform them.

But if snow holds off on Monday I'll head to The Range. Mind you found loads of stuff in my stash, again cos I was looking for other things... must really tidy it all up and put it in some sort of order.

Also need to thank the Angels for providing me with an ace parking spot in car park, and for ealier this week by getting me a free spot at the hospital. Now about that new car I need... not brand new, but newer... any chance?

Knee is complaining, been very sore last few days, makes me laugh at my surgeon and his optimism... bless him he means well. Realised this morning that it takes 3 painkillers beforeknee is painfree, for a few hours... I get up and for about two minutes it is normal (tho not to look at, it is swollen and misshapen) , but as soon as I start moving the pain comes back. I wonder if I am now being overly optimistic in thinking I can go back to my old job, I saw the look on my bosses face when I told her I'd be back... I could tell she didn't believe it would happen.

Think I need a cuppa and some choc... mind you I did indulge in a tirimasu before! Deeelicious!

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