Thursday, 1 January 2009

January 1st 2009

A New Year, new start and... the sun came out, well it made a brief appearance. My car was untouched... mind you it was blooming cold last night. There was no-one around at midnight, a few fireworks and that was it. I had a good nights sleep, didn't wake up till 7 a.m., so it was tea and toast in bed.

Didn't venture out, knee was still sore from yesterdays exertions. Had to go look for a DVD player for mum, Curry's had nowt, well they had the expensive players, so off to Comet, and it looked like all they had was the expensive stuff. I'd wandered away to see if I could find a Freeview Plus thingie, then a voice said, go back, so went back to DVD player aisle and yep, there they were, the cheapo players! Retail park was heaving, and there were lots of silly people ignoring the one way system! This happened to me last year, I was exiting the park, going the right way when this plonker appeared in front of me going the wrong way, so I stopped, he began swearing and giving the usual signs so I just stayed put and he couldn't get round me - LOL! Plonker.

Anyway, driving does not agree with knee, it is really sore, in fact it is getting worse when I drive. I definitely need summat done to it, there is no way I am putting up with this for much longer. So with very sore knee I did some crafting. Made a start on new baby exploding box, for a boy this time, so box is made, need a few bits and bobs, plus of course the photos. Also made a mini box for inside it. Will put one of those little angels inside it. Then made a couple of cards, of elegant ladees, as shown above. Was going to start the second one when I realised it would look more dramatic on black card, so will dig out my black card. Also do need to go get some supplies from somewhere, methinks a visit to the Range is on the cards, even if it is a bit naff, it is easy to park as it is on a retail park. Hobbycraft it too far to drive, but I'm hoping that they will take the gift vouchers on line... tho the online stuff is a bit paltry. I'd got to QVC, but I want several items and I don't see why I should pay postage on all of them! Do need the cellophane bags, so will use QVC for them. But I ain't shelling out separate postage for sticky dots and 3D foam tape.

Had nice phone call from my friend, she seems to know when I need a boost. Also had a cheery chat with a friend last night. And looked up my Chinese horoscope, it says 2009 will be a good year for me. Let's hope so. Just one wish, for my mum to shake off her bad mood... it is getting very tiresome.

Hope you all had a good night, and aren't hungover!

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