Monday, 19 January 2009

followed by snow...

It was lovely and sunny this morning, no sign of what was to come. But as the morning wore on it got darker and darker, the sky was slate grey... But of course it had to wait till I was driving to my phsyio appointment, and yes down came the snow. It was rain at first, then I realised that what was hitting my windscreen weren't raindrops... then it became a blizzard.

So a 20 minute drive, ten minute wait for... ten minutes with physio, and all I did was try a straight leg lift, told her about op, she felt knee said it was still hot, is not happy that my muscles are not very evident... And I am, really I am, doing all my exercises! I should have a pair of footballers legs by now, left one is in good shape, as for right leg, well it is rather pathetic. But why do I get the feeling I'm not being told something? I've had enough of being jollied along, I want the brutal truth, then maybe I can get on with my life. Stuff just ain't happening, I can't walk properly, can't go up or down stairs in normal fashion, in fact going down stairs normally is out of the question, tried it on Saturday, heard a loud crack, felt kneecap shift and pain... so stopped and headed for pain relief - a large glass of red wine.

Well got pre op stuff tomorrow, funny how they do all this stuff for elective surgery, but it all goes out of the window when it is an emergency! But it will be another day spent at hospital, well hopefully not very long, I am not in the mood to spend hours there. Also going to buy a skype phone, time to start saving the old dosh. Got my LMC mag today, dare I say I wasn't impressed? I really wasn't. Not with the kits, but with the mag, didn't like any of the examples. Good thing I'm not paying for it. But also got two books from Amazon, my EFT books... will reveal more over the next few weeks.

So no crafting today :-( Pic is what I made yesterday. A friend sent me some pics of frosty webs, which I used for a scrapchallenge page. Used plain blue card, black satin paper for the mat, then lots of snowflakes from my stash, two snowflake eyelets from my cropadile kit, but set them using the BB (find it easier), and some silver ric rac. Photos aren't showing up well on pic, but the frosty webs are amazing, I didn't take pics, my friend did and kindly donated them to me.

Well best go get sorted for tomorrow's appointment... and watch last bit of Bibster.

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