Monday, 5 January 2009

Spot of housekeeping

Well blog was looking a tad sparse, when i put up the Xmas paper my blog ditched all my stuff! So lost slide show... and didn't feel in the mood to put one together. May do my own if the mood takes me with windows media player, and some muzak...

In meantime it is even colder! Was awake, for no good reason, at 4.30 a.m., so after a bit of tossing and turning got up and made a cuppa, peeped outside and car seemed free of frost. How looks can be deceiving! Got up at 8 a.m and car was covered in ice, pavement was also very twinkly. In fact a little later I watched postie almost sail past our gate as he attempted a foolish emergency stop. He just about saved himself. That was at 11 a.m. and I was beginning to wonder whether I should cancel my phsyio appointment, as it the ice on road and car didn't look like it was making any effort to disappear. I hung on, and by 2pm pavement was less twinkly, but still a bit perilous for folk like me on crutches. Managed a hobble and totter to car. Had to wait till car had de-iced, well does seem sensible not to start driving till one can see out of ones windscreen. Cut down a side road and was confronted by sheet of ice, luckily I was going slow so eased my way thru it, chap behind me was going too fast and went sideways...

After physio had to get some motion lotion for car, well it works better with petrol in it. How nice not to have to pay over a quid for a litre of petrol! Then off to GP to get new sick note and discuss repeat prescription. I do have a nice GP these days, last one was a miserable so and so, you were lucky if he managed to grunt at you. GP was very understanding, we negotiated on sick note, he wanted to sign me off for 3 months, I said i'd meet him half way, hey I have to have something to aim for. 3 months sounded far too long. Then we compared dodgy knees, he could bend his more than I could, but I could straighten mine more than him, so we called it quits.

So looking forward to another icy day, and if it is, then I doubt mum will be leaving flat for her phsyio. Just as well as I'll have to forgo last hour of QVC to go pick her up.

Keep warm and stay safe on those icy roads

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Cazzy said...

Sounds like a good GP, my actual GP obviously thinks I am a hypochondriac, so gone to private ex GP costs lots, drugs come from the USA, V. expensive and NHS to blame for not monitoring me years ago as I know what caused all this now - why didn't they?