Thursday, 29 January 2009

Wot a morning!

Did enjoy my mini sleep in today, my new bed is sooo comfy! My knee woke me up at 4 a.m., still complaining about my long walk yesterday... but a painkiller sorted it out, and a nice cuppa sorted me out, then went back to sleep.

So all that had to happen this morning was for supermarket to deliver shopping and mechanic to bring car back... simples... yes? No! Shopping arrived, but when we came to unpack it seemed like some of it was missing, as in ten items, a box of maltesers amongst the missing items - I mean a girl needs choc! As I was ringing Tescos to get delivery man to come back I noticed my car was parked up outside, but no sign of mechanic, so car keys and MOT would have been pushed thru letterbox? Wrong! Then just as I'd finished talking to tesco mum found the missing items, chap had put them somewhere obscure, as on a chair! So have to ring back Tesco... at same time I am staring down the stairs and NOT seeing any sign of keys or MOT... he couldn't have, na, he wouldn't would he... he DOES know what flat I live in... groan... So after apologising to Tesco, ring mechanic and ask which flat he put the keys thru... Arrgghhhhhh yep, he had, he'd put them thru my old neighbour's door, and only on Monday had I handed the spare key to her daughter. So I now had to hope they hadn't handed the keys back to the council... two more frantic phone calls, phew... they still had the keys and my MOT and keys were rescued.

And all I'd wanted was a relaxing morning!

I was also very brave, took out my stitches, I should add that my surgeon said I could and had given me instructions. So there you have it, the DIY NHS! But it was simple, just snipped one end, and pulled loop at other and out they came, he'd done a running stitch, very neat. Nice to get them out as they were starting to annoy me.

Just hope tomorrow is quiet... and QVC seems to be on the ball, my parcel is on its way to me! Wonder if, like the sticky dots, it will take just two days to arrive?

All for now, need to go lie down

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