Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Oooooh it's MOT time!

Took my little car to garage for its MOT - I knew it would need a new part for the exhaust, but was hoping that would be all. So had a nervous morning wondering how she was doing. Luckily it was just the exhaust that needed seeing to, everything else was spot on, pheeeew.

But I was dumb... decided to walk back home, and it is quite a walk, well it is for me in my present condition. I'd forgotten how little I have been doing for the last few months, I soon realised that I had made the wrong decision. Oh well, back to plan A, which is to walk a bit further every day, weather permitting. Saw on weather forecast that we are in for a cold snap... just be my luck that we'll either get snow or ice, or both!

So knee was very sore, couldn't do much all day, so nowt for it but to settle into some crafting. At least my sticky dots arrived in quick time, only ordered them the other day. Now just have to decide where to buy the photo glue from...

Made a card for my nephew, its his birthday in a couple of weeks, and my niece's next week. Just have to get organised with the inserts, I'm very good at making the cards, but not at doing inserts. I really must sort myself out on that score.

Must also choose my ten bloggers who deserve a hug...

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