Saturday, 10 January 2009

Enough with cold...

Think my thermals need thermals. Dunno what is up with me, but my new waking up time is 8.30... which for me is a lie in. Am now completely out of work mode... did pop in yesterday for a visit. Nice to catch up, two of my friends had bought me some flowers :-)) And I caught up on gossip... and boy was it juicy!

Mum was very down today, she had a little cry this morning. She'd got it into her head that it was icy and so slippy underfoot, and that meant she wouldn't be able to get out. Well it was very frosty, but pavements were dry. Think also she feels a tad forgotten by the rest of the family... I do give up on them. Well I have no expectation, so therefore my disappointment is nil. I do not expect them to think: oh look, its still cold and its icy, best check on mum, see if she needs any shopping. I mean it ain't like I am fit, unless hobbling round on crutch, with very sore knee is counted as being fit and able. Anyway I got her going, made her promise to go see doctor, she needs some antidepressants, think it would also do her good to go talk to someone neutral. And then we went out to do battle with the pig ignorant folk of the neighbouring parish... nearly clonked guy in jag with my crutch, he stopped right on the bloody crossing to supermarket! Just so his wife didn't have to get cold walking across car park... diddums.. she was very fast on her feet. And thanks also to the ignoramus who didn't move her flaming trolley, but blocked up the checkout, meant chap in front of me couldn't unload his stuff, and meaning nor could I. She also took her own sweet time.... grrrrrrrrr... I'm sure these people walk around with blinkers on, and ear plugs, as they are oblivious to all around them. Oh and thankyou also to stupid woman who blocked door to off licence part of supermarket! In the end I snapped at her: When you're ready... she attempted a dirty look, but mine was far better, so checkout lady had to try very hard not to laugh. In very bad mood I stuck head down and marched out, didn't care who I hit, or whether drivers had to slam on as I crossed road.

Didn't fancy going anywhere today, it was just far too cold with a bitter wind, which seemed to be biting in places it had no right to go. So settled down with new kit from QVC, my scrapkit, boys papers. Had a lovely play, came up with nice layout, but as usual got stymied at end, just needs to be finished off, but not sure how... it will come. Think may use Robo to do the lettering. Actually dragged out old kit as well, and found lots of stuff I had forgotten I had, like 3D foam! And gems... Great stuff. And found black letters that I thought had got lost. Must really have a sort out.

Now got to find two strongish men, to get bed for me, well new bed and take out old one. Was hoping my nephew would remember he'd promised to do this for me... yeah, when hell freezes over - NOT.

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