Friday, 16 January 2009

My 'trying to be happy' day

That was my aim, to try to be happy, or happyish. Well got off to good start, postie brought goodie parcel, mum was chipper and to my surprise declared that she must make more of an effort... which leaves me wondering what consultant said to her yesterday.

Had a smallish walk while the sun was shining, chatted to chap in corner shop, he is nice, always pleasant to everyone. Then mum said she'd go for a walk after lunch, I suggested she went before as it was starting to cloud over, she surprised me again by agreeing, and off she went. And rather than just walk up and down our small bit of the road, she went for a much longer walk... why couldn't she do this ages ago? So I made lunch... and then opened parcel.... it was my 1920s kit from QVC. Gorgeous stuff inside, and more scope for the imagination!

It is kanban, but they are a byword for quality. Was a tad disappointed that the decoupage hadn't been laser cut, everything else was pre cut, so was a bit of a mystery why the decoupage wasn't. And it was card, so cutting it was a bit awkward as it was quite thick. But I managed it and made up 3 cards. I'm also pleased that I am using up quite a bit of my stash as well, and a lot of art deco peel offs, which go beautifully with this kit.

So had a really nice day, even managed to do some step ups, but think I may have overdone it, knee was sore afterwards. Still I've got my pre op appointment, a full 24 hours before operation. Good thing it is only a minor op, or so surgeon says. Think he is still feeling debted to our family, I do seem to be getting special treatment. And got appointment with GP about my osteporosis, to sort out supplements. Must say the NHS are quicker these days.

Now looking forward to a chilly, windy and wintry weekend... can feel the cold coming on now!

Have a lovely weekend all, thanks for stopping by.

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