Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Grey day

Well it had to wait until I was going out didn't it - for it to start raining? Felt a few splashes as I was opening car, and sure enough it began drizzling. So we had that horrible mizzly stuff all day.

Managed to mount an assault on supermarket, well we only wanted a few things, so hardly seemed worth it doing an online order. At least supermarket was civilised, no more idiots buying like the store was never going to open again. Got a nice cardi for a tenner! Bargain. Even better they had loads of decent wines at half price... spoilt for choice.

Once home tossed up whether to get on with some housework tasks, or craft... was tempted just to ignore what needs to be done round flat, but was very disciplined and so got stuck in cleaning windows and bathroom. Took all the nets down as well, washed them, sadly one needed to be ironed as it got a bit creased. Rats. Gave bathroom a good clean, spruced up shower door, shelves... but forgot to wash curtains in bathroom. Oh well. So after a spot of driving, walking round supermarket and housework, my knee was complaining big time. So grabbed some choc and sat down with a cuppa and flicked thru channels to find something nice to watch and found All Creatures Great and Small, blast from the past, but it passed a nice hour. Then watched Come Dine with me, I think it is the bitchy comments from voice over chap that makes it for me, and the odd mix of contestants.

So no crafting. Pic is from card I made at weekend, from the kanban kit. I split the engagement card kit up, and put these bits onto some black card, put some red glitter down one side, and tho you can't see them, put 3 mini red hearts on the card.

More hospital stuff tomorrow.

Keep warm.

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