Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Well it ain't boring...

Had a busy two days, yesterday was mainly spent in fracture clinic, as usual my surgeon was running late... so had to wait two hours to see him!

Finally got to see him at 12.50 as opposed to 11.10... he had a look at loose screw, tho he told me it wasn't a screw at all, but the wire, which appears to be reversing out of my knee. Or at least having a darn good try. I figured he'd never seen this phenomenan before, the look of incredulity on his face kind of gave it away. It seems all the wiring in my knee wants to escape as it is rising to the surface. No, I don't do simple... So we discussed things, he said best thing to do was remove wire, and then hope that kneecap doesn't collapse... er, hang on, where'd that piece of info appear from? He seemed to slip that in so I wouldn't notice! So it is a case of putting up with pain and stiff knee, and hoping that wire doesn't shift anymore... or having the op and hoping that kneecap stays intact when he takes out the wire. I'm opting for the op, but will be awake, tho he'd prefer me to be asleep, kept on asking me if I was sure I wouldn't enjoy a mini sleep... no way Jose. I wish to know if my kneecap stays intact or not.

Today was 'getting car fixed again!' day. Had another puncture, tyre chap said there was a nail right in middle of tyre. And the MOT is due soon... :-( So toddled off to get petrol, had to go to supermarket to get it, our local garage was being refurbed. Thought I may as well also have a totter round supermarket, disappointed that they had no new craft mags to tempt me. It was also very quiet, in fact strangely quiet! Got my bits and headed on home, by which time knee was complaining.

Managed a bit of crafting, tho wasn't really in the mood. Dunno why, just wasn't, thus there wasn't much inspiration to be had. Funny some days it is all flowing, next day it just ain't. But forced myself to make up a few cards. Got three done, then gave up, wanted to make something really nice, but it wasn't going to happen. Really do need to go visit a craft shop - soon! Want to get up to cardcraft plus, maybe I'll be able to once the wire is out, driving might be more comfy.

Now have a comfy bed! I know it sounds odd, but i have now got my neighbour's bed, well there was nothing wrong with it, she'd only just bought the mattress. I wouldn't buy a mattress second hand from stranger, but my neighbour and friend was spotlessly clean. Nephew and soon to be nephew took my old bed out and brought in new one. Gave them some beer each. Feels really odd to have a high bed, old bed was quite low. Just as well my old cat isn't around, she'd have a job jumping up on this one. She also used to dive under my old one, if she tried same with the new one she'd knock herself out as it is a solid base.

My Pic: one of the concept cards. Really had no choice but to follow the picture for this one, tho I made it into a thank you card and used a few different things on it. Decided I need a round corner punch.... getting quite addicted to rounding corners for some odd reason.

And CSI is back! But it was a sad episode last night, i found it really moving. It's nice when Grissom is disturbed from his bubble, and made to face the real world, and to realise what he means to his team. Can't imagine the show without him... just won't be the same. He makes it, he doesn't hog the limelight, Petersen has no ego unlike H, so he lets his team shine. I think CSI is the more rounded of all the CSI shows, love the banter between Grissom and Catherine, they bounce off each other so well. May indulge in a double dose and watch it all again tonight.

Another busy day tomorrow... will have to try to get back to work for some peace and quiet!

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Cazzy said...

When we got a new bed it was really high and I keep falling out of it when I got up, as I forgot all the time.

Hope your knee doesn't collapse Cass.

Cazzy x