Monday, 12 January 2009


Yip tang.... whatever. Just spent a week trying to help friend sell her mum's 3 piece suite, first we had 3 people interested, but only one would pay the going price, they backed out, on to number two, who suddenly became unreachable, so back to number 3 who then decided it wasn't suitable! Argghhhhh... then charity turn up to help clear out rest of furniture, but then they get picky, won't take 'old' stuff... what!

All that and a soft back tyre, which a nice lady pointed out to me in the car park... mmmm, well it wasn't like that yesterday. Methinks the kids have been at it, one or two think deflating tyres is funny - they won't if I catch them! So off to ASDA, nearest place I could think of with free air, well it wasn't free, 20p for 2 minutes! Had to wait as there was a chap in front of me doing his tyres, suddenly realised that the garage had no shop, it was all self service... pay at pump 24/7. Which is why I didn't get any petrol, thank you but I do like to talk to a human being, and be served by one. I wouldn't fancy filling up my car late at night there, not without any staff around. I'm also suspicious of any unattended cash machines, especially in petrol stations. I will only pay in cash for petrol.

Then back to hospital to pick up mum from her phsyio, again car park was full... it is quite small and is all disabled parking, and of course there wasn't a spot to be had. Most were not in the physio department, I saw them wandering back from all over the hospital, given that the physio is at the very rear of the grounds they all seemed fit enough to walk long distances! I ain't and I need a space, as does my mum! It really bugs me how some people wangle the blue badges... Our council has clamped down on it and are quite strict, but that just penalises those who really do need them, making them jump thru hoops.

But hospital appointments are a drag, it takes 20 odd minutes to get there, they insist that you are there at least 10 mins before appointment, so a whole bloody afternoon gets wasted. I'll also be wasting a morning tomorow with my own appointment... and someone expects me to waste another afternoon taking them for a further appointment! Well I won't. Intend to do a lot of crafting from tomorrow.

Got tempted yesterday with the craft slot on QVC, succumbed to the 1920s ladies, I love art deco. Need to finish a scrap page as well. May not be in the mood tomorrow, depends on what surgeon says. Looked at knee this morning, ever seen a lumpy knee? It is most peculiar, all lumpy, with wires showing, and my loose screw.... the screw has to go it is making driving almost impossible.

Now off to arrange for two men to deliver bed... why can't life be simple?

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