Sunday, 4 January 2009

Yellow thing has been reported as going AWOL

Well the sun didn't hang around for long, just one day! Decidedly gloomy, grey and a tad damp here. Now it's turning icy, great and I have to go out tomorrow...

Well I de-decked the place, I rose from bed about 9.30, had a cuppa and at 10 a.m. could be found removing all traces of Xmas. Not that there was a lot to remove. Will recycle the cards, not much I can snaffle from them, a few bits, tho did this last year and forgot I'd done so... Plenty of other stuf is also in need of going to new homes... cloakroom needs a good sort out! May snaffle a box from work tomorrow, then dump the junk. You take your life in your hands entering our cloakroom, you are never sure what may land on you as so much is precariously balanced! Time for it all to go, plus what is lurking under my bed, a new bed is on its way...

Brother organised for his son to come round and put decs back up in loft, at same time nephew also acquired a table and four chairs, from neighbours flat. All the stuff is almost brand new, she'd got a pay out from an accident and had treated herself to some new furniture. She'd just got her flat looking really cosy. So decs are decked, cards are sorted for recycling. Will go thru cloakroom this week, and just be ruthless, no more thinking - this will come in handy! It never does.

So a bit more card making. Pic is of the slider card I made yesterday, and of which I am extremely chuffed. Well not having any instructions and having to wing it! Usually I expect it all to go pear shaped, but it didn't this time, it worked out. Still got tons more to make, loads left in kit, I am being very frugal with what goes on the kit cards, want to get as much as I can from it. But will have to venture to a craft shop, am getting short of 3d foam and glue. Just not sure whether to chance a trip in to town, and use public transport, or drive and be in agony! Choices.

In a much happier mood, been burning geranium oil, which I didn't know, but is good for lifting depression and effects of the menopause. And only two weeks to go and CSI is back!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a good week.

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