Friday, 2 January 2009

When does it stop being New Year?

I mean it is only 'newish' now, not 'new'. The sun again managed to break thru the clouds, amazing the difference a bit of sun can make. I went for a short walk, did think about making it a long walk, but then came to my senses. I probably would have chanced it had I'd taken my mobile and some money, well if it had all got too much I could have got a taxi home.

But even my mini walk was long, 20 minutes to get to post box and back, a trip that normally takes 5 minutes. So have set myself a goal, to walk a bit further, weather permitting, every day.

And wine is sinking down far too easily! Stop you fool. Just made myself a cup of tea. Don't like hangovers.

So spent the afternoon making more cards. Got out the kanban stuff, but this time I used some of my black card. And went bonkers with the glitter. To apply the glitter I'm using DST, gives a clean edge and finish. Far better than messing with glue. Really like the effect I got. Mind you I was up and down like a jack in the box, kept on remembering things, like my old paper cutter, useless for paper cutting, but it does do rounded corners, so had to go dig that out. Then I needed some dark pink card... more rooting for stuff. Will have to have a sort out.

But made up 6 cards! So was very pleased. That was only from 2 till 4 pm, had to vacate kitchen so mum could cook roast dinner. Wondering if it is was worth listening to all her huffing and puffing as she only ate half of it. Nowt more depressing than cooking a meal for someone when they then leave most of it. She did last night as well. Will drag her up to the supermarket tomorrow, get her out of the flat. Did ask her to go with me to choose DVD player on NYD, but she said it was too cold... well it was cold, but wasn't like she was being asked to go on a five mile hike.

Will have to get up to The Range, definitely need some supplies.

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