Tuesday, 4 December 2007

1st Attempt at Christmas Shopping...

I do this every year, steel myself to start the non online Christmas shopping. So off I went into town, got there to find the world and his wife had also had the same not so bright idea, so after one hour I headed home. Just can't stand all the crowds, and that all the shops move stuff so you can't find non Xmas stuff. Did get some stuff from the Paper Mill, really mundane stuff, cards and envelopes, tho was easily talked into buying some magic foil. Am getting really fed up at NOT having my Craft Central!

So home to have lunch, a pastrami butty, and then set up to craft in the living room on my wonky table. Had to craft in living room as QVC was having a USA craft day, it was nice to have different presenters and could have happily gone bonkers buying stuff. But didn't - I do hate it when my sensible side wins the day. So half watching QVC, and also making my first clutter card, had a ver happy time - do like decoupage, and clutter cards I guess are very basic decoupage, but still very effective. But will have to take a couple of photos, as I made the Xmas door, which opens to reveal a very festive hallway. I added some festive paper that looked a little like wallpaper. Did manage to cut out a second, but was too tired to start fiddling with it, knew that if I did I'd just make mistakes.

But to my shock I actually did some scrapbooking this evening, decided that if I didn't make a start on my niece's scrapbook it would never get done. So have made the first page, am using a complete scrapbook kit, tho they never are really 'complete' - are they? You always seem to need more, think they are a bit mean with the ribbons. Lucky I have a huge stash of ribbon in my huge scrapbook kit (one of my better buys from QVC.

Had a lazyish day yesterday, was on a course - Welcome Host - to improve customer service. Well it was a day away from the coal face. It was all us library staff, and even tho the course leader knew that we all knew one another, he still insisted that we do that daft 'turn to the person next to you' thing. Wasn't much in the mood for role playing either, just wanted to sit quietly and get the day over with. When I got home I found that my parcel from Cardcraft plus had finally arrived, they have lovely stuff but it takes at least 5 days for stuff to arrive. The box had the clutter cards, plus some more embossing paste (True Snow - whatever that is) which came with two stencils, a flower and a lady wearing a hat, plus my anti static bag. Dunno what I was expecting re the anti static bag, possibly something a little larger, instead it is 3" by 2", but it did work on the mirri card, found the talcum powder didn't work when trying to stamp on the mirri.

Got flat to myself at the weekend, mum is off on her travels... so it will be up with the decs, in between crafting, also got to go see the continental market in town, got some nice things last year.

Time for a cuppa

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