Sunday, 23 December 2007

A suprising Sunday

Hadn't been particularly looking forward to today, been invited for Sunday Lunch at my brothers - which is a smoke free (tho I would never smoke in a non smokers home) and heat free zone. Just before noon my brother called to say that 'lunch' would be at around 2.30.... mmmmm just about when the match finishes, I thought. Nice to know that your family has its priorities in the right place, that a footie match comes before family. Still it gave me a few more hours of relaxation, to tackle some of the crosswords in the weekend papers - always a challenge this time of year, but I do like my crosswords. Tho the walk to the paper shop was a bit slithery, in fact I decided to change shoes after almost falling over! So we (mum and I) bowls up at brothers at appointed time, 30 minutes later dinner was sort of served... in a drib drab fashion, it was not I have to say up to my SiL's usual standard, she is an excellent cook and her Sunday Lunches are usually very, very good... not so this time, beef was a tad tough, in fact they took the electric knife to it! I'm now tho sick of beef, had it last weekend, now this weekend, and guess what my sister is cooking on Xmas day, yep, Roast Beef! Sorry but Xmas means turkey, blimey it took me long enough to develop a taste for the stuff, hated it as a kid, but now I enjoy it. And I love my Xmas pud, which will NOT be being served at my sisters :-((

Still today wasn't as bad as I feared it may be, yep the house was freezing! Had to go outside to smoke, fair enough, happy to accept that... but not the freezing house, nor my niece blocking out all the heat from the gas fire! Luckily they'd all had a busy day yesterday, and were looking forward to an early night, suited me to get away quickly. I love my brother, can love my SiL and even get on with their offspring, but only in limited quantities, the latter two of the three that is. Tho at the moment I am in 'favour' with my SiL, dunno why, not sure how long it will last, but hey, go with the flow. She was impressed with the exploding boxes I'd made, wonder if she'll see them as a keepsake, as the lady 'who I clean for' did on Friday... we'll see.

So only Xmas day to get thru.... just have this feeling it will not be a joyous day, and will end up being memorable for all the wrong reasons. Hope to be proved wrong.

Just got 3.5 hours left in work, most of that will be spend with me doing the 'weekly' cash, that is making up the bank deposit. Always a fraught time, you cross fingers and toes in the hope that it all balances. But come 12.25pm (don't tell anyone but we're closing early!) I shall be FREE for ten days... oh joy, bliss.... best there is a craft day on QVC on Friday, and I have £100 to spend! That's my Xmas card making earnings this year... and I did well and truly EARN it. Also now got half of Boxing day, Thursday and Friday to meself... can't wait to just sit and craft to my hearts content. Want to have a get started on my last QVC TSV, exploding boxes, waterfall card, lantern cards.... also need to add to my card stash, which is now severely depleted.

Dunno, have mixed feelings about Christmas, I really do think the anticipation is far better than the result. Next year I am staying put, going to have the Xmas I want. Now just need to pick the right 6 numbers ;-))

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