Monday, 10 December 2007

Rainy days and Mondays....

Always get me down, tho it wasn't raining, but it WAS Monday! Nonetheless I put on my cheery face and went to work, all was going so well till boss (after handing over a stash of Christmas chocs/biccies etc) then did the usual sneaky thing and said that there'd been a complaint, apparently (shock horror) some members of staff had raised their voices to a group of young boys who were messing about on the computer chairs! And who were the complainants? The boys! Well I was one of the two who'd raised her voice, that is after being tried to the limit by these boys, who I and my colleague had been very pleasant to, had given help to, but when told NOT to skate around on the chairs, or worse push themselves away from the desks - nearly sending a small child flying, another nearly broke his nose after kneeling on the chair and then leaning on the desk till chair began sliding away and he almost came a cropper, they decided to play the 'innocent game' and worse our boss fell for it. I was fuming. The same boys came back tonight, and got up to their usual capers, but sorry boys you've lost me as a friend, they got one warning and were told any messing and the computer they were on would be remotely switched off and their account suspended till after Xmas.

Pettiness number two: we have been given new ID badges, I object on principal to wear these darn things when no would be library member is required to provide ID. However, the ID badge came with a new nylon and very scratchy landyard, I tried wearing it and found it was irritating my neck, so removed it and was given a metal chain by another colleague. All well and good you would think as I was wearing the badge as required, but nope, didn't suit our boss. So I explained why I wasn't wearing the landyard, that I also had arthritis in my neck and am nervous about anything irritating my neck (which is why I don't wear any polo necks anymore). She blabbed on about health and safety, the nylon lanyards being safer if the badge got caught, which I may add mine almost had. So I says: well in that case wouldn't clip on badges be safer? Course that chucked a spanner in the works, it was a case of 'computer says no'. Meanwhile back in the real world, we are working in a library with no heating, which leaks like a sieve when it rains, have no running hot water... but what are our undistinguished bosses worried about - us staff wearing our sodding badges! Give me strength. Tis for that reason that I ripped up my application form for a management position, sorry but I am only able to toe the party line when the party line actually makes sense.

What was once a really nice job, has been turned into a nightmare. I'd walk out if I could, I came darned close to it today. Oh and the big boss dropped in complaining about how cold it was, so I said yeah it is, and even colder in here! Don't think she appreciated my sarcasm! Do I care, nope. I've tackled bigger bosses than her. Tho she also knows that I speak my mind, as she has been on the receiving end of it more than once. I blame the army for my rebellious attitude, it all happened there, from being a happy go lucky wouldn't say boo to a goose, I ended up being a right militant. Just don't like being confronted with sheer stupidity.

But found a way of nerdling my badge, or rather the holder, I happily scratched away at it, so now you can't see anything, then put it back together upside down! I'll lose the darn thing soon - on purpose.... deliberately and yah boo sucks to the dumbos in charge.

Probably just as well that I am off tomorrow and Wednesday, there would probably be an uprising led me moi!

And well done to the pensioners who led the 'smoking' rebellion in their sheltered accomodation. Good for them, how dare anyone tell them to stop smoking in their own accomodation. More power to them I say!

The rebel is now off to make a cuppa... you can all breathe easy the rant is over!

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