Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year

Well here we are again, anticipation building for the midnight hour... and a 00.00 (sorry an army thing) we will hit 2008 and.... well it is up to you what changes, or stays the same. In 2001 I remember actually going to bed before midnight, I was fed up and was in a black mood, was in those 'oh what is the point?' moods. So next day I was suprised to find I woke with a smile on my face, felt happier, and it turned out to be not a bad year, well aside from 9/11. I am talking on a personal level that it was a happy year. Can't quite work out what mood I am in for this new years eve, my horoscope said I either love or loathe new years eve and I couldn't agree more. I'm not a totally happy bunny, got lots to smile about, healthwise, money wise, family wise, but also got a few grimaces, workwise mostly. But I have to make the changes and I am determined to do so.

Did a lot of housework this morning, then touched up the grey bits in the hair - well you have to!

Then took mum to supermarket, foolishly thinking (me and her) that it would be quiet as it was lunchtime - WRONG! People were shopping like the world was about to end! Nearly all the milk had gone, I mean come on people the shops are shut for one day. We needed milk, we were not stocking up on the stuff, or anything else for that matter, just getting a few essentials - like wine. Queue in wine department stretched almost to door... half felt like asking for a corkscrew, the staff kept asking each customer if they were the last of the queue! Car park was also full of cars waiting to park... fortunately the parking wardens were nowhere to be seen. Was glad to get home and leave the madness behind.

Decided to tackle making a waterslide card, I'd heard them mention it on Create andCraft, they'd shown one, and to me it looked like a waterfall card, only sideways. Have almost completed it, sadly the need for food got in the way, had to pack up and cook dinner. But will finish it off tomorrow. Just had a look for a template, but had no luck, on one message board someone had said they were like penny slider cards, so took a look at that and backtracked fast - waayyyyyy too complicated!

C&C both made me laugh and also irritated me, just hate their patronising style of presenting. What made me laugh was their attempt (successful it has to be said) to flog the CDs, maybe it is just me, but the first thing I thougth about was how much it would cost to print the papers, some were full colour pages - so the old print cartridge would take a battering. And good quality paper and white card isn't cheap. And there was Stephanie, bless her, showing a thick A4 lever arch file full of the papers they'd printed, what she forgot to add was how many print cartridges they'd gone thru to print them. Besides if you have a bit of imagination you can make your own background papers using a DTP program and clip art. I've done it, I chose my piece of clip art, recoloured it so it was a pale shade, then just copied and pasted it in one row, then chose to 'select' all and then kept on copying and pasting till I was at the end of the page. Serif also lets you make inserts and other card stuff.

Well time to wish one and all a wonderful, happy, and prosperous New Year, hope your dreams - big or little - come true. See you all in 2008!!

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