Wednesday, 5 December 2007

A happy day

When I got to work this morning found to my delight that we had a computer virus, and sadly (NOT) we had to switch off all the public computers... you should have seen the shocked looks from the chat room users (who it seems have nothing better to do than to chat in some very dubious cht rooms all day, at mine and your expense). Not that a 'Do Not Use' sign prevents all from making an attempt to switch on a computer. Which I think is plain rude, I mean would you walk into a say a TV shop and noticing that all the TVs were switched off, you wouldn't go round switching them all on, would you? I do, well actually all the staff, get really irked by these lazy good for nothings, who spend their time in chat rooms rather than go out looking for a job. Oh sorry, there are no jobs as the polish workers have taken them all. Much prefer the Poles, all are very polite, friendly and are hard working, oh and they make a great effort to learn English, more than can be said for some of our locals.

But having no computers meant a nice, quiet morning. Even the 'real' library users, those actually coming in to borrow books, commented that it was much nicer without the computers. No noise for one thing, plus no having to look at porn, or listen to music (which is not allowed unless they bring their own earphones) or the appalling language.

Still besotted with clutter cards, had to make a couple more when I got home. Well that was after the supermarket shop, wisely done during lunch time, so it was quite quiet. But once home and with the shopping stashed away, I settled into a nice hour or so of clutter card making. It did the trick of easing away all the hassles, and at the end I had two lovely cards. One will be winging its way to Canada shortly.

Oh well one more day in work - blah... tho it is a bossless day - yippee! So no hassle about wearing ID badge, I do object, why should I have to have my name on display? Think I may put the thing thru the washing machine several times! Why do I object? Cos our stupid lot in charge decided that all new customers did not have to provide any ID, that policy has resulted in a rise in loss of stock (35 grands worth per year), plus increased incidence of ID theft, that is people using other people's names and addresses to join our library service - dumb or what! Oh and kids as young as 8 can join without parental permission. So I don't see why I should have to wear ID when our customers do not have to provide any proof of ID. I'd be happy with a badge that said 'Staff'. Did win a mini victory, the new nylon lanyards brought me out in a rash... so they are scrabbling around now trying to find a clip on version! Sorry, but stupidity in the form of petty authority brings out the rebel in me!

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